Let's Play the First Quest: King's Quest

A long time ago in a land not very far from where I am right now (Northern California) a husband and wife team started a video game company. The wife half of the team cribbed the stories for her games from mythology and folklore. They called it King's Quest and it sold like hotcakes(in a world where hotcakes are in demand, I've never seen such a world...) It was the birth of visual graphic adventure games (I don't count Mystery House because it looks terrible, more terrible than what you are about to see...

This is Let's Play: King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown

Things usually start with a beginning...

This story does to! It starts with a young yellow man standing out side of a castle. Wait, no it starts with an ugly title screen and a poorly rendered version of Greensleaves and a scrolling credits list. One of the things Sierra On-line did well was crediting the game designers in game and on the boxes.

Now we get to the ugly yellow man:

That's Sir Graham, the hero of this story and the guy we'll be controlling throughout... Man these graphics are terrible to look at...

According the manual, the kingdom of Daventry was once prosperous and peaceful and blessed with three magic items that helped out a lot too... But, the King was incredibly stupid and managed to give them all away and now he's called on his best (only) knight to save the day. If he manages to do that then the kingdom is his. I guess that's why we're next to this giant ass castle? let's go inside and find out.

Aw, crap... we just started this game! In all seriousness crossing this bridge has always been difficult because that curve doesn't really exist. If you are approaching from the north you don't have to go to the start of the bridge to cross you you can walk down directly on to it. As a wee lad I often died just crossing and re-crossing the damned things... Also, where did the King, in what appears to be a fictional northern European medieval kingdom, get crocodiles? and how do they survive the cold? Okay, I'll just rewind a bit and try this again:

Nice thing about the AGI engine, which early Sierra games where made in, was that the parser was always up and so you could type in commands before you needed them. Later on when Sierra moved to the SCI engine the parser popped up once you started typing and paused the game.

This castle sure is sparse... I suppose they sold all the finery too.. As well as any doors that might have connected this hall to the rest of the castle.

Oh shit! Daventry must be more progressive than it looks! The king is black!? I wonder if the kingdom is failing because a large portion of the ignorant population refuses to believe he is a real citizen? Some Daventrians claim ol' King Edward is really from the kingdom of Shapeir and demands for a birth certificate have been made for years... Well, let's ask him what he wants:

After King Edward gives his spiel.. We're dumped back into this hideous world... I don't know if I can play as a yellow man who's nose is the same size as his feet. There's got to be something I can do about this... As Sir Graham leaves the castle both he and I are praying for a miracle:

Now, that's better! Not by a lot but definitely an improvement. Now my eyes won't be bleeding for the rest of this LP.

After the beginning comes ANOTHER beginning

What's this?

The game now comes with an introduction?! Good, because I did a pretty crappy job of telling the story:

Benevolent? Incompetent seems more like it... Dude had a magic map that told the future and gave it away in a scam deal? Why didn't he ask the mirror if giving it away was a good deal?! Oh, sorry, I'll try to keep the commentary to a minimum:

We get it, you're weak mentally and physically...

Will he ever shut-up? I'd like to be King before the sun goes down...

Maybe the king doesn't know what the word "volunteer" means?

And with that we're back at the gates. Those two guys in the funny outfits won't let us back in without the goods. This is what the world of Daventry looks like right now:

We can go East or West, so where to Tyrants?

(I wish I still had all the maps I'd drawn for these KQ games back when I was a kid)

Go East Young Knight!

Sir Graham feels strangely compelled to go east, but first!

It appears the moat monster aren't any friendlier than their AGI predecessors, the alligators... Ok, eastbound, past the moat bridge Graham finds:

A boring lake (he's going to be seeing a lot of these (lazy background artists) Further east:

That's quite a stump Graham goes in to investigate:

Sir Graham believes in only one thing: Finders, Keepers - YOINK

What's in there anyway?


You never know when pebbles will come in handy. Back to going east:

"Wa-huh?!" It seems the "kingdom" of Daventry is a very small planetoid that can be transversed in only nine screens... Or it's under some sort of evil spell!

Evil spell is good! It's the same trope Roberta Williams fell back on again and again and again...


More Exploring!

Well, having exhausted east and west without feeling compelled to do anything, Graham begins to wander around aimlessly... Something about that rock to the east... Graham must move it:

Well, that wasn't what he had in mind, let's try something else:

"Ah! You push the rock away from you not pull it on top of you!"

Sweet, Graham can't wait to stab someone with it, Roberto style! Graham continues wandering about, first heading north:

Then, east:

Neither Graham, or I, know how to feel about the King having a carrot garden... But he does know how he feels about stealing:

He heads east again and finds the carrot patch continued (I didn't capture an image of it for some reason) further east he comes to a clearing, wait what's this?:

Gentle Sir Graham I am your fairy Godmother. Your quest is indeed noble. What little aid I can offer you is this protective magic spell, effective but a little while. I shall be watching over you, Sir. Graham.

Thanks, I guess... While Sir Graham sparkles the Sorcerer, Ogre, and Witch (We'll meet them later) can't touch him, which is a good thing. East again:

Again, I somehow missed taking a pic of the other half of the goat pen (the one east of the image above has a gate on it. Also the goat walks between the two screens... East of the goat pen is:

Which means of course at some point Graham will be going down it... I mean the bucket is larger than he is! No mere human could use the damned thing if it was full of water...


East of the Well, Graham finds himself...

back where he started. Sir Graham, frustrated with being stuck with only two axes decides to mix things 'up':

Graham slipped, or decided the quest his king gave him was pointless and fell out of the tree:

He'll have to find more creative ways to kill himself.

King Graham begins to wonder how far north or south he can go before ending up back where he started. He pulls out his map (sadly not magic) to review his progress (Graham isn't much of an artist):

Which way next? North, South, East, West? Do you care?

Tyrant suggestions first!

Okay, let's try some of these: Use Knife on Self

Please try something else, Sir Graham.

It gets weirder:

Is the goat's name Graham? What the hell? Does anyone else find it weird that Sierra On-line thought of hundreds of ways to kill off our hero but forgot suicide?

Okay, let's go play with the goat:

Alright, fuck this goat:

look goat
get knife

I don't think that helped any, guys... In fact, the game is unbeatable now. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed this LP of King's Quest!

Next time: Sir Graham wanders around some more and discovers his pants are connected to some sort of "pocket" universe which stores the increasing number of items he stuffs into them...

Graham wanders around some more...

Last time we left Graham he'd just finished stealing an egg from an egg nest. I'm guessing it belonged to the hen from KQ4. Seeing as, he hasn't had any bright ideas and trying to forget that nightmare he had of stabbing goats... He hits the road, northbound!

a door! Graham tries to open it. Crap it's locked. Eastward:

yet another lake...

I bet something bad lives in there... No time to find out though, Eastward!

get clover

Lucky Graham!

An elf? Maybe I don't know it wandered off before I could talk to it. East of here Graham runs into the door into the mountain. So he heads north and finds:

There are cute squirrels running into and out of the screen grabbing walnuts. No, the game will not let me capture and/or torture them, sorry

open walnut

SCORE! Graham now has a gold egg, a gold walnut, and a pouch of diamonds. The man can buy his own damn kingdom now, why is he sticking around Daventry? Graham, ignoring the riches in his pocket continues on:

Some additional wanderings

Still going east:


eat house

But when Graham tries to cross the bridge:

hmm... I wonder how do I get rid of a troll guarding a bridge... Oh well, continuing east:

Wonder what this is for?

Welp, that's another circuit of planet Daventry. Graham heads north then, just to be different, west:

Ah, crap! What the hell is up with this river, anyway? It doesn't make any sense at all. I blame magic, again. East it is:

There's a small hole in that rock, I suppose if Graham was so inclined he could look into it...

Graham is currently at the small hole. One of the things that always bothered me about the map for KQ1 is the two screens of garden that correspond to three castle screens below them. I feel that Sierra generally did a good job of setting up their maps, but this bugs me endlessly. Mostly because I can't make as pretty a grid as I can with QFG1 or KQ2

More Tyrant Suggestions

You CANT kill yourself with the dagger!? I feel jipped now... USE DAGGER on TROLL ~recentteen14

I tried... Knife and dagger are interchangeable, I used both to make sure.

EDIT: Also, go West of the lake, maybe theres another bigger lake that you can swim in! Or drown in :P ~recentteen14

Which lake? There's half a dozen. Also, unlike in AGI KQ1, Graham automatically swims and I don't think he gets tired and drowns. But, I'll look into it.

Before we do anything exciting, let's fill in that map eh?

East of the small hole in the rock:

Despite my best efforts Graham can do nothing with that snake up there.

And there is our unstabable troll. Looks like that guy is doing double duty working two bridges... Well guess we can't go east anymore either. So North!

Another bridge?! There better not be a damn Troll on this one... and there isn't! Graham crosses successfully and heads, wait for it, east! (you guys picked it not me)

COME ON! Well if you've been following along at home, then you've already guessed that this bridge is protected by the troll as well (look at the maps, the troll bridges all block off access to one 'block' of the map. Must be something important there.) Worse the brush to the east is too thick for Graham to get through without muddying his britches so he heads Westward:

So, that is it, the land of Daventry in its whole:

What was next? Oh yeah getting the goat and the troll together! Let's see how that works. Or was it swimming? or was it eating the gingerbread house?

Easiest first:

and Graham can do it all day. He should think about entering the Ironman.

Can't say the same for his abilities in the river though...


Taking Care of Business!

Ok, lets do something about that Troll (and that damned goat)

open gate
get goat

That's not believable, in no time Graham will be lugging around a golden shield and an entire chest full of gold! But a goat is too much for the man? Anyway... Let's give the guy the carrot maybe he'll follow us then?

give goat carrot

Huh, it doesn't seem to be having the desired effect. Good thing the castle has an entire garden full of them. Graham slogs over and gets back only to find:

Shit. Well just as with killing the goat. Letting him escape also makes the game unbeatable... dick move? You decide. Good thing I save and save often. Let's try that again but, this time:

show goat carrot

I hope this troll likes to eat goat!

After the goat obliterates the troll it wanders off never to be seen again! Now we can see what's on this island:

Well, I can see where this is going! Don't bother with Rumpelstiltskin though as it will only end in tears...

What now Tyrants? Should Graham do a little breaking & entering at the Gingerbread house? Investigate the hole? Investigate the Well? Investigate that ratty cabin? Wander aimlessly in the hopes that something good will happen to us?

More bad ideas from Tyrants... Also, Breaking and Entering

Sir Graham finds himself compelled to return to the spooky part of Daventry's forests and eat that gingerbread house. Its owner be damned! On they way though:

The bastard managed to get me too!

Dammit! Getting sorcered is bad enough but then some damn filth dwarf comes along and stole from me?! *RESTORE*

Graham finds himself inexplicably standing around, he could have sworn a moment ago he was paralyzed and being felt up by an incredibly diminutive bearded fellow... Oh, well onwards to the gingerbread house:

Dammit, again. *restore*

Graham yet again finds himself waking up from a terrible daydream in which a large green tinged beast was violating his person most aggressively. Somehow he still has not made it to the gingerbread house. He begins to question his sanity, and the gods... After a short uneventful jaunt he arrives:

Graham can't recall whether he took a bite out of the house before, and seeing as it still looks delicious goes for another:

Always the gentleman:

knock door
open door

This doesn't look good. I'm guessing that Death Count down there will soon be at five...

Death Count: 4

Screwed Count: 1

Breaking into the Gingerbread House!

We last left Sir Graham in the clutches of an evil witch... I wonder if he got out of that fix?

Guess not... *restore*

Graham finds himself outside of the gingerbread house his fist inches from knocking on the door and his mind still full of the phantom pain of being cooked in a cauldron of green goo. Where do these horrific images keep coming from? He lowers his hand a sudden feeling that knocking wouldn't be that smart

open door
look around
look pot
eat food

Graham approaches the cabinet and looks in to see a piece of cheese, when suddenly:

He grabs the cheese closes the cabinet and hides in the bedroom

Damned witch never seems to shut-up... She does seem to be leaning over that cauldron precariously though... An idea begins to form in his mind when he notices more loose property that doesn't belong to him:

read note

What the hell does that mean? Graham wonders disappointed that his pilfering lead to nothing. Undistracted by the thought of stealing from others that idea returns to Graham:

push witch


Helping People

Welp, having stolen everything not tied down in the witch's house and then brutally murdering her Graham once again finds himself with nothing to do. Until he remembers that other house in the area he has yet to ransack! He quickly makes his way to the run-down cabin...

First, though he's a little hungry:

say fill
eat stew
say fill

The bowl again obliges by filling itself magically with stew. Sweet!

Random event that occured on the way to the cabin:

Green huh? Wonder what that means...

Okay, now to ransack that dump!

Crap, someone lives here...

look around
talk man

Damn, he could steal from these people but Graham doesn't like people knowing about his kleptomania... Also, that woman doesn't look so well.

give bowl

Not a bad trade Graham supposes... Minus the part where he gave away a magical bowl that provides endless amounts of food for a crappy old fiddle... Does the thing at least play? Graham recalls his mother making him take all those music lessons and picks up the fiddle:

He's still got it...

What now Talking Tyrants? What Now! Explore the well? Interrogate the diminutive man on the island with the spinning wheel? Assault the lone elf wandering in the wilderness? Do something else entirely?

All's WELL that ends WELL

With all the shouting going on in his head it's hard for Graham to think sometimes... But he's pretty sure at least more than one of the voices told him to go to the well and so he heads over:

look well
lower bucket
climb rope
get in bucket

Why not, right?

cut rope
get bucket
fill bucket

Sir Graham gets a little distracted by the chest and stays under water a little too long...

I mean, no such thing happened and Graham quickly moved through the water and moves onto the next screen:

There's one of the kingdom's treasures! And all that's preventing us from getting our hands on it is that giant pesky dragon... maybe he's a pacifist?

Guess not...


Sir Graham rethinks his approach giant fire breathing lizard probably aren't pacifists... What to do, What to do? Well he is lugging around this giant bucket of water, and it's getting heavy. Give it to the dragon? (this is adventure game logic)

"What?!" How is that dragon unable to defend itself?! It's got weight, size, fangs, and claws all on its side. Not to mention armored scales! Nope, none of that matters! Well, the monster is gone and that is what counts! Time to loot!

Graham grabs the mirror and looks into its depths, hoping to catch a glimpse of his future:

Well, that wasn't very helpful... Time to blow this joint:

Oh, so that's where that cave went to. Sir Graham decides to follow through on a couple of the other voices requests before he stands around and waits for them to tell him what to do again.

Kill the dwarf that haunts his dreams

I don't know guys... I guess the geniuses at Sierra didn't think someone might try and knife the damned little guy

Kill the Ogre (that also haunts his dreams):

Play the fiddle for the spinning gnome:

Guess he doesn't appreciate the fine arts?

What about that Elf we saw earlier? Maybe we can kill him?

The one ring to rule them all is nice, but it's not as satisfying as killing him...

What next voices? Play the gnome game? Wander around? Wake up and realize this was all a dream and try something else?

How it Could have happened (if I didn't want a perfect score)

Of course Bizarro world Sir Graham is a murderous fiend, who oddly enough never steals other people's property or walks around taking everything not nailed down... This is how he handled the bizarro dragon to get the bizarro magic mirror:


(if you look carefully you can see the dagger about to enter the dragon's neck)

Take that bizarrro dragon!

Now to retrieve his knife:

or not... Well, the dead dragon won't be moving that rock aside, looks like Bizarro Graham leaves the way he came in:

And that's how it could of happened (and did in bizarro world.)

Playing with Gnomes

Dutifully following orders Graham makes his way to the only gnome he can think of and attempts to kill him (the voices they demand it!)

kill gnome

Do we need a reason to kill filthy non-humans?! Oh, he has something to say:

Oh, that's right last time we were here he went blathering on about guessing his name or something? Well, this can't be too hard I mean he's a gnome and he has a spinning wheel with a pile of straw and a pile of gold in front of it... and Graham's mom wasn't neglectful and made to fill his head with all sorts of nonsense when he was a child:

"BwaaahhhaaTTT?" How can it not be Rumplestiltkin? Wait a minute what was the thing that note said?

Ah, yes Roberta Williams, surely little boys and girls will connect this random note found in the witch's house with this gnome and act accordingly... No, no they won't.


Sweet! I got some beans! I know just what to do with them! Thanks Mom! Maybe I can stop hating you for naming me Graham... maybe.

pushy little bastard

What do these beans look like?

Not much it turns out. Now that the gnome is gone Graham can swipe all that gold:

Okay, what about that wheel?

Crap... Well nothing to do here then... Graham then spends far too much time looking for a place to plant these beans (Jack being a hero of his, he knows just what to do with them) except, he can't seem to find the right spot:

I'm sure he'll figure it out eventually.

MECHANICS TALK: So, that name guessing thing I just did? Probably the hardest puzzle in the game. Because I guessed Rumplestiltskin the first time, we won't be getting a perfect score (lame I know.) There is nothing in the game world to help the player connect the note to the gnome, so it's helpfulness is dubious at best. In the original version though it was even more difficult! You got the same note but the gnome's name wasn't Nikstiltselpmur it was Ifnokvhgroghprm (this name works in the remake too, but no one ever guessed that name without calling Sierra's Hint-Line.) Can you guess where that name comes from? If so then you're as bad a puzzle designer as Roberta Williams is! Congratulations! Those capitalized first letters are important too if you type in 'nikstiltselpmur' you'll lose a guess! I grew up thinking you couldn't guess the guy's name thinking the bizarro way of getting the chest was the only way (you'll see in a minute.) The problem being the bizarro way of getting the chest really, really sucks (again you'll see why soon enough.)

Not nearly as cool as Jack

Eventually Graham finds a location to plant the beans:

climb beanstalk

Thank goodness for the mouse! Climbing this beanstalk is a terrible ordeal wherein you guess where the climbable route is and hope you can successfully navigate it using the arrow keys. With the mouse you just click a little in front of Graham and he successfully navigates the stalk... unlike using the keyboards where you would often be moving a pixel at a time and had to tap each key twice, once to get Graham moving and another to stop him... Oh, man the time spent and the loss of life this damn stalk has taken...

If you did manage to miss:

Successfully navigating the stalk though results in this:

Looks like I missed a screen somewhere... From the shot above I went east and then south and ended up here:


Graham's adventure in the SKKKYYYY!

Graham continues exploring the land above the clouds:

look trees
look in hole

Another object to cram into Graham's pockets?! Yes please!

North of the tree with the slingshot:

A hole in a mountain... I wonder if it leads to that other hole in the mountain? We'll find out later we still have one more screen to explore up here to the east:

Graham got somewhat careless and wondered off into the blue yonder. Or he dreamed about it... He's getting confused at this point what is real and what isn't. Eastward!

look around

Mastering the art of the understatement there...

look giant

This guy endlessly stomps around the screen trying to get his hands on you, If he ever managed to we imagine it would like something like this:

Graham decides the best way to deal with the Giant is to hide behind that tree in the center... If the giant does manage to walk around the tree he just moves to the other side (this is one dumb giant)

He must have been really tired! He completely ignored Graham standing there and went right to sleep. As everyone know the best time to steal from Giants(or Ogres, or any other larger than usual monster) is to wait for them to sleep. That chest will surely be ours!


Keeping your feet on the ground

get chest

Okay, Graham can either go back down the benstalk or through that mysterious door in the Mountain and seeing as he's already climbed a beanstalk he decides on the latter. Into the mountain we go:

I hope we don't need any sort of key for this door:


That's two of the treasures down, Graham is off to find the last one, that shield.

Sadly, while exploring the wilds of Daventry Sir Graham was devoured by a wolf:


I wonder how bizarro Sir Graham is doing?


The further adventures of Bizarro Sir Graham (BG)

Bizarro Sir Graham wakes up from a terrible dream wherein he ate far too much food that is good for him and had to spend numerous days with a mother-in-law having awkward conversations and such... Having slaughtered a goat and dragon and using that bag of diamonds he found to pay off the troll he makes his way to the island in the middle of Daventry. On said island an annoying gnome wanted to play a stupid game and despite his best efforts Bizarro Graham was unable to kill the fellow. He was also unable to guess the guy's name:

As the gnome retreats into his home Bizarro Graham follows, hoping to murder him!

GODDAMMIT! BG's blood rage is near boiling if he doesn't kill something soon...

So, we got a key, and while BG isn't smart enough to guess a stupid gnome's name (he was also lacking a telephone line or Sierra On-line's snail mail address so he was unable to request help) he knows there is only one big door in Daventry with a lock on it:

On his way up BG slipped on his shoe lace...

Ah... poor BG so ends his life..? Wait in Bizarro world you can't die (that's what makes it Bizarro right?) After taking an eternity to climb back up the bottomless pit BG continues up the mountain:

BG continues on up the mountain:

WTF?! Here is where adventure gamers were forced to learn the art of save scumming... Hopefully they saved early, often and in different slots too! Why is that? Because coming up the mountain that damned dwarf is unavoidable. If you see the text that he is approaching you're going to lose an item. And what item did BG lose, let's see.



Thanks a lot! The fucker took the Magic Mirror. Unwinnable state. I don't know why they didn't reprogram the guy to take one of the numerous bits of treasure that aren't necessary to win the game... But they didn't. So restore and restart in the mountain. This time going back and forth between this screen and the next and then approaching the mid point hoping not to get the message of his approach. After repeated attempts BG finally makes his way through and up into the clouds.

BG heads south and picks up the slingshot. "Yes!" he screams murderously, as he looks around for a victim. It doesn't take long for him to find one either...

Use slingshot on giant

(this only works if you picked the rock up from the shore of the little lack, by the way.)


BG makes his way back down the way he came once more savescumming to get past the dwarf who will now be only too happy to steal either the chest or the mirror from him...

There is one more way to get the chest from the Giant and it involves:

Just as with hiding behind one of the trees (as Sir Graham did) the giant get's tired of looking for an invisible person and goes to sleep.

NEXT TIME: Graham goes hunting for little people, and a shield.

The Quest for the final Fetch Quest!

Graham wakes up with his clothes ruffled and a bit of hair in his teeth... He vaguely remembers being physically assaulted by a wolf but the specifics are vague. Anyway, as far as he can tell he is still alive and still looking for the last treasure of Daventry, a magical shield.

Thing is Graham has been everywhere and seen everything and is somewhat at a loss as to what to do... Nothing solves puzzle blues though like wandering around aimlessly...

A condor! Yup, a condor sometimes appears at this screen (and only this screen) but only after you you have collected the previous two treasures. How is the player supposed to know this? No clue, just call the hint-line I suppose. In the original game the condor would sometimes appear in this screen at anytime. Of course, if you did hitch a ride without the right objects you were screwed, but at least you had an idea that it was there... After exploring the entire gameworld and collecting two of the treasures how is a player supposed to know that he has to return to this one screen over and over until this condor appears? She isn't, which is why this is kind of a suckie puzzle. Anyway back to the game:


As long as you stand in the right place and at the right time this is what should happen:

Sir Graham gets unceremoniously dropped off:

But where is he? Before heading into the hole he does a little exploration. South of the hole:

and west of it:

Oh, now Graham knows where he is! He picks up the mushroom and heads down the hole:

Hmmm... Graham doesn't know if he trusts that rat.

More Tyrant Questions Answered!

Knife it- if it's a rat in a game its evil, if it's a mouse and doesnt have red glowing eyes it's fine... Alternatively, throws the torch on the wall at it! ~recentteen14

Sir Graham is a pacifist though! Bizarro Graham might try those options though...

The real answer's blatantly obvious in this case, but I'm gonna ignore that and suggest seeing if the New York City vermin can crack open your golden walnut with those sharp fangs. ~MetManMas

*poof* the rat disappears as do some of Graham's points, NOOOOO!

So close he can taste the throne...

I always thought that the cheese was magical and that was why the rat disappeared, which didn't make much sense considering Graham can eat it at any point and nothing happens to him... Anyway Graham moves through the door:

Quick Graham! Do something! Anything!

play fiddle

Uh, ok...

Um, okaayyy...

After the guards poof themselves Graham moves forward.

Okay, now this is just ridiculous... The power of music saved the day? That never happens! But, Sir Graham isn't going to complain. He picks up the King's scepter (for no other reason than getting points I guess...) and then scoops up the shield:

and follows after the King to see if he can find a way out of this hole:

Graham prides himself on his slim figure but that hole looks way too small...

Graham tries to love his way past the rat...

Sometimes being a pacifist sucks:

Come on big guy why don't we hug?

Sissy... even Roger Wilco can take on a giant rat... and live.


Just Desserts

Sir Graham is a lover of classical literature and so is familiar with the works of Lewis Carroll and so when presented with a tiny door and fungus he knows just what to do:

eat mushroom

With all three treasures in his pan-dimensional pockets (think Drywall from SCUD) Sir Graham hurries back to the castle:

Get to the point Graham!

I am shocked! The King just up and died! How convenient. No need to actually write him out of the story now! And with that Sir Graham became King Graham, Daventry's benevolent ruler who is sure to guide them peacefully through the years... I wonder if his alter-ego ever managed to win the crown?

Bizarro Sir Graham Assaults Little People

After embedding a stone in the skull of a giant, BG made his way down to the earth and wandered around the countryside until a giant angry condor picked him up and dropped him off near a hole. Before entering the hole BG did some reconnaissance whereon he found a mushroom which he collected and then headed into the hole. Underground he encountered a giant rat. Repeated attempts to kill the rat failed:

Hmm... Unable to slaughter the giant rat, BG thinks of the next best thing and tries to sneak around the rat:

After that failed and BG pulled himself back together he tries the next next best thing and bribes the stinking rodent:

Give rat walnut

With the rat out of the way BG heads through the door:

"Yes, Yes! Cower before me tiny ugly people! Bizarro Graham rules you!" After returning the to castle Graham used a dagger he found and the magical shield to slaughter all its inhabitants. Afterwards, he installed himself as King and used the unending coins from the chest to buy an army of mercenaries which he used to conquer neighboring kingdoms plunging Bizarro Daventry into centuries of bloody war.


King Graham's scrapbook

You'll have to excuse Graham's camera it's fairly lo-tech (alternatively this is the Daventry equivelant of instagram and Graham is a hipster

Graham and his pal the goat take out the troll:

The gnome with the inexplicable name:

Enjoying the underwater sights of Daventry:


The Witches cottage:

Golden Egg:



Little People:



Sleeping Giant:

Stairway to Heaven:


Other neat things about the AGI KQ1:

You can get the treasures in any order! This is good because you can get the shield first and once you do:

None of the baddies can touch you and they are all over the place!

If you aren't close enough and lined up with the dragon both the dagger and water can miss. The dead dragon looks cooler here too:

The witch flies around picks you up and dumps you in her house. Where you can't escape. Also, I don't think she can be killed in her house either. And unless you can think of something I missed, that is it! Thanks for joining me for this Let's Play of King's Quest 1 and stay tuned for the next King's Quest game: Romancing the Throne.