Random Sketches from a Decade Ago

I think the original idea was to have this be a sketch of the Archangel Michael...

I have a couple of half-cooked ideas for blog posts but since they’re not quite down yet let’s critic some of my old art instead. All of it is on paper and with pencil because back when I was drawing a tablet cost around $1000! So digital was right out.

A Tyranid hormaguant from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000

As you can see from these first two sketches I wasn’t comfortable with trying to represent objects three dimensionally. Everything is either scene in full on or from the side, anything else and I got confused. Also I hadn’t quite figured out the human skeletal-musculature system. I think in the hormagaunt one I’ve used every single possible shading technique possible in one single image… Also, if you’re having trouble deciphering the face on the angel above you’re looking at his chin, the face is raised skyward… I don’t know how long I worked on that and it still doesn’t look right.

This is just one page of many from an idea I had for a sci-fi world and video game

Also note, that like Rob Liefeld I couldn’t draw feet and so they ended up being these boxy boot like things.  I still think that rat hound looks pretty neat, though.I find it strangely hilarious that I was trying to design the optimal ears for this race of post-humans…

some weird looking worms, a sketch of a person behind a wall, and... cloak stuff?

I have pages of quick sketches like the one in the top-left of this image. So much easier to draw when I don’t have to worry about muscles, hands, feet, clothing, etc… I even had a name for these kind of sexless homunculi,”bioderms.” I don’t know where that term came from but I’m sure I didn’t come up with it myself. Notice that as a true artist I couldn’t just cross out the sketches I didn’t like but instead created big “Xs” by crossing two triangles. The worms with the shiny carapace head cap are another thing I drew a lot of. I think at the time I used them as a physical representation of sin/evil. I know I have a sketch somewhere that is merely the human figure with one of those coiled up in the groin region…. Yeah, let’s just move along… The overactive cape/cloak on the figure in the lower-right should tell you that I was far too familiar with and influenced by Todd McFarlane’s artwork. Please note that years before it became cool I was into “tribal” designs.

Every once in a great while I think I should take a stab at drawing again and then I pull out these sketches and see why I stopped. Go ahead and put your criticisms in the comments below!

PS – if you want to see these at full size just click on them, but I’m really scratching my head at why you’d want to.


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