Beer of the Week #2: Shiner Bohemian Black Lager


Shiner Bohemian Black Lager

From the bottle:

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Here in Shiner, Texas (pop. 2,070), we’ve been handcrafting beer since 1909. The passion of our original brewmaster, Kosmos Spoetzl, continues to inspire our efforts today. First brewed to commemorate our 97th anniversary, this Bohemian Black Lager remains true to the old-world heritage of the German and Czech Saaz and Styrian hopes, and select roasted malts, make this “Scwazbier” our darkest brew yet. PROSIT!

Shiner's Black Lager has a real nice rich, dark caramel coloring

From my tasting notes: Shiner’s Black Lager has a rich smell, creamy taste, and thick, oaty aftertaste. There isn’t a lot of carbon in the beer once you’ve finished the head. I found it to be very smooth and lacking the bitter taste associated with most stouts or porters (probably because this is a lager). I was unable to detect any taste of hops.  The beer reminded me of Guinness but without that beer’s strong aftertaste. Black Lager’s flavors were very subtle with hints of oats and coffee. I’d recommend Shiner’s as a way to introduce darker beers (black ales, stouts,porters etc.) to drinkers.

Rating (out of five):

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  1. This stuff is good. Its my winter staple beer here in TX. Its smooth and light enough to enjoy in summer though. Get ya some.

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