Fall Garden 2011: The Beginning

This picture in no way reflects the hard work it took to plant all that

We tore the Spring garden out three weeks ago and put in the winter garden last week. That week in between where the plot had nothing in it? That was a bad idea… Why? Well, because the soil dried out and before we could sow any seeds or transplant seedlings we had to water, and water and water. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We went to Ace hardware to pick up seedlings in the morning only to find that much of their vegetable stock had already been sold. The only seedlings they had that we wanted were bok choy and cabbage so we picked those up and two bags of steer manure.

This is the good shit
This picture is more exciting than it looks

After we spread the manure we turned the hose on and sat there for fifteen minutes or so, it might have been longer. The soil had really dried out and in order to turn it over and incorporate the manure we needed a lot of water.

I work too, it's just that D doesn't take pictures of me...

After the ground was thoroughly saturated we planted the seedlings and sowed the chard, kale, arugula and spinach:

One of the joys of gardening: getting your hands dirty

After everything was planted, we sprinkled sluggo pellets down and we were done.

Just the other day the arugula and spinach broke through the surface. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed with the chard.


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2 thoughts on “Fall Garden 2011: The Beginning”

  1. Lotta work. I’m surprised that Ace was out of seedlings. Presumably the Farmer’s Mkt. sells seedlings if your seeds don’t do well? I planted kale in boxes that the cabbage butterflies have dotted with worm babies. I should have sprayed neem oil, I guess. The boxed kale is doing better than the in-the-ground kale which dries out sometimes. It’s been raining, but not enough to water things well. I wanted to plant onion sets but the stores don’t carry them yet.

    1. We’ve tried to plant onions twice and both times have been bust so we’re foregoing them this year. The kale is just now sprouting. That reminds me I need to transplant the little guys!

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