Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 2

The Adventurer’s Tool bag

Okay, let’s stop here and review a basic adventurer’s tool kit, shall we? Before an adventurer even starts adventuring he has several skills and abilities that you’ll want to get the hang of before you rush out there and get eaten by a cheetaur:

These right here will give you basic commands and information about the game

These are probably your most important tools. With these an adventurer can remember with perfect clarity his current state and then return to it if s/he ever needs to. Why is this important? Well because dummy if that saurus I mentioned gets ahold of you this is your only chance to not end up dino poop!

An adventurer can also slow and speed up time to some degree as well as control how acute his hearing is

These are the most basic of skills a hero can use, that third one being especially important!

Lastly, we have your sack of goods, your ability to see just how great a hero you are, your innate ability to tell what time it is, and some other useul tasks. Please be aware that you will not be able to pass this correspondence course and become a licensed adventurer without knowing this material backwards and forwards pupils! Okay, let’s resume (quoted text are typed commands):

ask otto

With his introduction to the town of Spielburg and its Sheriff over the hero explored the rest of the town:

look building

Being a magic user himself our hero went right inside:

Shows what she knows!

ask about goods

Investigating Town

ask about scrolls

Well, that was nice of her to tell us! Let’s buy one of those scrolls, but which one is the most useful? Or rather which one is the cheapest? How much money did the hero start off with anyway?

If I recall correctly there are 10 silvers to a gold, Garcon picked up the open spell:

After reading the scroll arcane images and symbols were seared into the hero’s mind and the scroll crumbled.
Seeing as he was now too poor for anything else the hero continued searching Spielberg, his next stop? The Adventurers’ Guild:

Now class do you know what the Hero of Spielberg did first? Of course you do! It’s what all adventurer’s do everytime they enter a new guild!

read book

Let’s hope one day all of you have such nice penmanship… The hero took in all the sights the Guild Hall offered:

Next time? Garcon explores the rest of Spielburg and ventures out into the surrounding wilderness!

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