Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 3

We left off exploring the Spielburg Adventurers Guild Hall:

The hero knowing that Guild Masters are a wealth of information inquired of the gentleman by the fire:

ask about guild hall

ask about dragon

look board

ask about curse

ask about brigands

ask about baba yaga

ask about baron

ask about missing girl

ask about missing boy

It certainly did look like Spielberg needed a hero, it had a ton of problems! Persii was up for the task though! But before he could embark he still had the rest of the town to discover:

talk centaur

ask about fruit

buy apples

Next, was the general store for basic goods!


ask about adventuring equipment

give silver

ask about night

Okay, only one place left in this part of town:

What will happen next?

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