Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 4

look gamblers

I guess we know why the butchershop and bakery are closed. I’m going to guess that sad sack at the bar is the barber?

Friendly… The hero notes in his journal that the bar in Spielberg reminded him of a “Den of thieves” which of course gave him a brilliant idea, adventurers who wish to enter the burgle business pay attention!

show thief sign

show thief sign

He of course didn’t know it at the time, but he did know he had located the local thieves guild. As he was walking out the door he noticed a small crumpled paper by one of the empty stools:

With that he left the bar and headed to the Inn next to the Sheriff station:

The hero took a few minutes to sit down, relax, meet the Katta’s wife, eat some food and get to the know the two strange creatures and found out that one of their old friends was in town:

Good to know. With that though Jackson headed out into the country:

Into the Beautiful Spielbergian Countryside

With the entire valley at his disposal Danar decides to wander a bit, to get his bearings, eastward first:

That must be the path out of here that everyone was saying is impassable during the winter, which apparently started early in just this screen? Seepgood heads back to town and goes south this time:

Ah! Some sort of target practice ring… Sadly, these low lying bushes are completely impassable to even the best adventurers (a quick fix really you go south from this screen, then north and end up back here but in front of the target, don’t ask…)

Knife throwing is an important skill to have but with only one knife it takes forever to build it up. Instead, Garcon picks up some rocks and tosses a few of them around

And that folks is how you get better in QFG. Your skills increase by using them, and the only thing that prevents you from using your skills are your stamina and health points which will slowly drain as you practice your various skills. Perseii throws a few more rocks before resuming his exploration, behind the town he finds:

There is some sort of plant here but Jackson is suspicious of its slimy, poisonous sheen and leaves it for now.

Next time: wilderness exploration continues!

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