Beer of the Week #11 Snow Day Winter Ale

New Belgium's Snow Day Winter Ale

From the bottle:

With 3 feet of powder closing the roads, a brewery is not a bad place to get snowed in. Given the unanticipated hall pass of a snow day, our brewers decided to experiment. Hmm… what about this dark caramel roasted Midnight Wheat braced with a serious load of Styrian Goldings, Centennial and Cascade hops? Shovel it in. What a deliciously unexpected way to spend a SNOW DAY!

From my notes:

Dark caramel, almost black coloring. delicate tan head with nice lacing. Smells hoppy with citrus notes, the smallest hint of malt. Smells amazing. Feels light, almost thin in the mouth, with a taste that does not match the smell. Tastes of dry hops and sharp grapefruit, (rinds?) There is a little smokiness here too. A bitter chocolate finish.

I enjoy New Belgium’s brews and this one isn’t bad for a seasonal brew but I’d never pick up a six-pack of this when I can bring their 1554 home… This beer was so close to a 2 star review but that’s only because the smell promised so much more and I expect more from New Belgium.

Rating (out of five):

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