2011 Goals: A Review

Polar bear is cr? ying because his habitat is being destroyed and I didn’t accomplish many of my goals this year…

Before we get started here why don’t you click these two links first. They’re my original goal post written just about a year ago and my half-year review.  I’ll wait…

Back? Good. So, you already know that I wasn’t doing so well this year meeting my goals. I’m sorry to say that things haven’t really improved much. No use being gentle though, let’s tear this bandaid off.

1. Submit writing every month to a publication – I submitted some poems back in January and February. I never heard back and I never followed through. Worse, I haven’t even been writing. I do write book reviews almost every month and those do get published in either the San Francisco, Sacramento, or Portland Book Review but I don’t think that counts at this point. FAILED

2. Develop, outline, draft and write two short stories – I failed to write a single short story. FAILED

3. Participate in NaNoWriMo – Didn’t even sign up this year. FAILED

4. Review LatinFAILED

5. Learn algebra – I was doing quite well with Khan Academy but I stalled out linear equations and fractions. FAILED

6. Do the Lake Berryessa two mile swim – Cancelled due to freakish weather. I didn’t sign up though so, this counts against me. FAILED

7. Bike a century – Didn’t do nearly enough training and never picked a day to do this. FAILED

8. Buy as few new things as possible – I was really good this year when it came to purchasing stuff. I got the Ipod and the cell phone and a couple of video games. SUCCESS

9. Do more with my hobbies (besides gaming) – I’ve continued to sell off the models and hobby stuff I no longer use. This goal sort of morphed from do hobbies into get rid of stuff I don’t use anymore. I’ve sold off a number of models that I hadn’t put together or painted, including all my Chaos Space Marine stuff. I’m in the process of selling my Necron and Ultramarine armies and will be putting up my Horde models for sale as well. That leaves just the Battlefleet Gothic, and Mordheim materials to get rid of. My main hobby has become book reading with fifty read this year. SUCCESS

10. Jump out of a plane – This joke goal stayed a joke goal. FAILED

11.  Meditate everyday – I did this for the first four months of the year and the last three months of the year. I’m going to round up and call this a win. SUCCESS

Three out of eleven isn’t that great. I’m thinking about my goals for next year right now and after doing this for two years (writing done my goals and keeping track of things periodically) I have some ideas on how to improve my performance. First, focus on a few important things. Second, break your goals down into action plans with simple do-able steps. Third, don’t put on your list of goals things you’d like to do someday. Only put down things you know you will do. Fourth, work on the actions plans every week if not every day.

I’ll have my goals for next year up next week.







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5 thoughts on “2011 Goals: A Review”

  1. I’d say the meditation goal takes the cake. Nothing else compares in its contribution to your well-being (unless of course you put too much stock in accomplishing your goals and end up a stress case, haha).

    1. I did put a lot of stock into them but I failed to follow through. Many of the things I thought would be my main focus in 2011 turned out to really only be marginal concerns…

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