Holiday Haul 2011

It's all so pretty 'til you open it up and make a mess everywhere

Christmas has come and gone and while the tree is still decorated it looks awfully lonely standing there with nothing around its skirt. All the presents have been given, the wrapping unwrapped, and the gifts enjoyed and incorporated. So, sit back, relax and see the Holiday Haul for 2011:

Risk Legacy from my sister and brother-in-law

Risk Legacy – The latest version of Risk. This game requires players to make decisions after each game that effect every future game played on the board. It’s a neat concept that turns over a lot of the conventions of board games as well as the way in which most players treat their board games (MY PRECIOUS). As soon as I rustle up a posse of players we’re going to start, expect a Let’s Play.

Jams, jellies, and a marmalade from my boss

Preserves – you can never have enough preserves! Use them in sandwiches, sauces, cookies, cakes, etc! They’re so versatile!

D got me a Wii!

Nintendo Wii – This has been a single console (Xbox 360) household for a long time. D changed all that with this black Wii! The console game with a remote, nunchuk and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Cash – From my parents! D and I split it with mine share I purchased Super Paper Mario, and another wiimote and nunchuk so the two of us could play games.

A messenger bag from my boss boss

Timbuktu Messenger Bag – embossed with my name and the Seal of the California Assembly on it. This is a pretty boss bag with a separate removal corduroy lined compartment for laptops.

Wall Calendar – From my mother-in-law. I always have a need for calendars this one has gorgeous wide-lens landscapes as the art.

Assorted other cool things, including stocking stuffers!

Stocking Stuffers – My stocking had a slew of candy in it. Everything from candy canes to gummy bears, Toblerone to Hi-chew, jerky to soup mixes. It also had a ‘hottie’, a new badger bristle shaving brush, a candle and other stuff I’ve since already consumed or forgotten I had!

Christmas morning with D and the Mother-in-law was great we all took turns opening presents, taking pictures, drinking tea and eating all the delicious stuff received/already had.

I hope your holiday was just as wonderful as ours!


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