Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 5

Last we saw Garcon he was scouting out the environs around the town of Spielburg,

This must be the healer’s hut, if you recall from the job’s posting in the Guild Hall she needs someone to collect herbs for her and find her missing gold ring! This seemed to Jackson like the perfect place to start his adventuring!

look tree

Interesting… Seepgood headed inside to talk to the healer:

The hero also notices a creature in the house much like the one outside:

ask about ring

ask about potions

Please look at the sidenote in your books to learn more about these potions


Healing Potions – used to heal damage and keep wounds from getting worse.
Magic Potions – restore the energy needed to cast spells
Vigor Potions – used to revitalize yourself after vigorous exercise. It helps restore stamina
Undead Unguent – used to drive off the minor undead such as zombies or floating spirits. Doesn’t last long.

Danar heads outside fairly certain he knows where to find the healers ring:

climb tree

Good thing Garcon has all day!

Imagine you see this for about two or three minutes as I repeatedly have Perseii climb the tree. Imagine at the end of it he looks like this:

look nest

get ring

With the ring in his possession Danar returned it to the healer for the reward:

And the first job was complete.

Night so soon? Didn’t that Katta at the Inn say something about his friend being there after dark? Seepgood headed back to town

Only to find the gates barred… What was a magic using thief to do?

climb wall

This might take awhile… practice makes perfect

Hrm, where else could Garcon spend the night? There was that castle by the healer’s, maybe its walls are easier to climb?

Guess not… And that class is why Garcon and all of you need to learn how to use your memory properly and to perfectly remember past states. Or else you’ll just end up a smear on the ground and not a hero! Perseii returned to the town gates and kept practicing. Eventually he made it over:

At the inn he found Abdulla and pumped him for information:

Abdulla is a font of info. He tells us how he was robbed by brigands and he and his katta friends are now impoverished and stuck in Spielberg. He fills us in on the Brigands: their leader (hooded and high pitched voice), their muscle (a minotaur), and their mage (giggling gnome). After we give him some food (rations or buy a meal from the katta) he also lets us in on the fact that amongst the cargo he was carrying was a mgic rug. He promises to take Garcon back to Shapier with him, Shameen, and Shema if he recover his treasure. Which is a nice gesture…

After talking to Abdulla, Jackson headed back out into the night to scout out the town while no one was watching… He found something strange in the alley by the bar:

And it was in that alley that he fell for one of the oldest thief tricks in the book, he only hoped these guys were Union and not scabs…

show thief sign

Okay, now Danar can meet with the local Thieves Guild master and start working!

Using the money he made off the healer Seepgood purchase his local use license

“1313 fo’ lyfe!”

Now to work! That little old lady who lives next to the magic shop, her house looks to be the perfect way to ease a newly minted thief into the delicate art of burgling!

Next Week!

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