Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 6




get candlesticks

open drawers

open purse

search couch

search basket

That cat just won’t keep still!

uh oh!

pet cat

Working his way around the needy cat, Perseii finally managed to leave the house with no one the wiser!


look bird

But, Danar avoided doing any of that and tries to break into the Sheriff’s Office:

So he practices for awhile (a minute, maybe?)

Every other place in town is barred/bolted shut but this one, so this one it is!

with a little practice, a little exhaustion, and finally with a little skill increase:

get candelabra

open desk

get box

take vase

move picture

pick safe


look in safe

get bag

After closing the safe and returning the picture Jackson leaves the house and heads to the Thieves guild to fence everything

A rough guide to fair fencing prices

Vases – 40 silvers
candlesticks – 50 silvers
music boxes – 30 silvers
pearls – 100 silvers
candelabras – 75 silvers

By the time he had fenced everything to Boris, Seepgood was sitting on a nice pile of cash:

Jackson leaves the tavern and heads back to the inn and hopefully a clean room with a nice, warm bad


Didn’t the magic user say something about a magical place in the forest? Maybe Garcon can sleep there? Back over the wall!


double crap

Eventually, Perseii makes it over the wall without anyone seeing him (I had to leave the screen and come back and grind a few times)

But where exactly is he going? Garcon has been raising skills all day, even after exhausting all of his stamina, he is in no position to fight with anything he might find out here… The safest way is to go through screens that never have baddies on them. Erana’s field (our goal) is north of town about five screens north of the healer’s cottage, except the castle is in the way…

Jackson, from the gate’s of Spielberg goes north, west, north, north, north, north, east, north

crap a goblin, run! run! (thank goddess for that agility stat!)

Perseii just barely made it to the clearing before being eviscerated by an angry blue goblin

Despite being exhausted Garcon has a few things to do before sleeping!

read stone

cast open

That will be helpful, maybe?

look tree

Danar grabs some of the fruit and eats it right before sinking into the oblivion of sleep:


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