52 Sketches for 52 Weeks: Number 2

Spielburg Valley from Quest for Glory: So You want to be a Hero

Certainly, not as good as last weeks. Someone on Talking Time pointed out this Tumblr blog called, Mapstalgia where people draw their recollections of maps from video games and submit them. I thought it was a neat idea and sketched out the Spielburg Valley. Makes sense I’m doing a Let’s Play of it right now. I submitted it and then looked through their backlog and saw that four or five other people have too (doh!) Oh, well. Hopefully I’ll have something better next week?

Author: falselogic

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2 thoughts on “52 Sketches for 52 Weeks: Number 2”

  1. No, no, it’s great that you’re not the only person to do it. One of my favorite things about this project is seeing the commonalities and differences between various folks’ memories and renderings of the same game maps. The more the merrier, I say. Cheers, and thanks for the submission!

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