Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 7

Time to Be a Hero, Maybe…


Day 2 – Perseii wakes up the next morning refreshed and ready to resume his journey towards herodom


Jackson didn’t meet every towns person yesterday and is so returns to town to finish making introductions. First stop, the farm where he interrogates the centaur farmer:

ask about farm



ask about brigands



ask about brigand leader


After talking to the farmer, Garcon wandered through the forest a bit until he stumbled upon a fox in a trap:

“Finally! Someone recognizes the magnitude of me Heroness!”

Okay, that is good to know, I guess. “be nice to people” and “talk to a dryad.” The first person Danar is going to be nice to is that cute filly at the fruit stand!

ask about date



COCK BLOCKED! Being nice gets you no where! Frustrated at being rejected by even half a women, Jackson returns to wandering the wilderness.

Wilderness Wanderings

It doesn’t take long before Seepgood finds a lovely waterfall:



climb cliff




knock door



Perseii takes a seat and pumps the crazy old man for information:

ask about cave



ask about brigands



(please to ignore score discrepancies, I jumped around a lot but wasn’t going to present it that way)


More ‘enry (and a Goblin!)


ask about warlock



ask about mirror



ask about erasmus



Danar can only stand the accent for so long before it starts to drive him crazy he gets up to leave(This is where I’m supposed to ask for a spell, but I forgot to and so will have to come back later):



Good to know, that’s another place he can sleep if he needs to. Back into the woods, Jackson is heading for the castle. On his way he encounters a goblin!



This seems as good as any time to introduce the combat. HP = Hit points, SP = stamina points, and MP = magic points. The two we have to watch now are health and stamina. Helath gets lowered when baddies hit you and stamina drains as you attack, dodge, parry, etc. Perseii has one attack, can dodge to the left or right and can duck back. The dodging and ducking don’t seem to have any connection to whether or not he takes damage. Combat is by far the worst part of QFG1. Okay so let’s do this.

Imagine a succession of screens of the goblins being hit and me being hit. Something like this:



It isn’t very exciting. Then this happens:



And Seepgood continues on his way to the castle


Castle Spielburg: Gate


ask about son


ask about daughter


ask about baba yaga


Then I asked the nice man to let me in and he did!

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