Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 8

Castle Spielburg: Work

Garcon first went to the westside:


Then he tried the castle proper:



Then the eastside:



sure, I guess… wha..,



It’s hardly with the money but the work does increase your strength and stamina. On the way back to the gate:



Bummers… With nothing else to do in the castle Danar returns to the Wilds




Seepgood wanders around some more, when he finds a fairy ring he picks some of the mushrooms, remembering that the healer pays cash-money for herbs:



Then he brings them to the healer, who pays handsomely:



(please to note the fifty apples Jacskon bought from the lady centuar. He was hoping she’d say yes to a date, but alas all he got was fifty fucking apples… If only he knew how to bake)

Wandering some more:



uh, that’s a big guy. A REALLY big guy



What luck some dumb rube to dump all these apples on!

give apples



Nice! On the way into town Perseii runs into Bruno the town snitch(?) He’s the guy who knows a little something about everything if you’re willing to pay. He also offers bad advice:



You’ll find out why some time… Let’s do a stat check:



Not bad, but many of these are going to have to be higher if I’m going to save the valley.

Just for Fun – Easter Egg #2

Just down from the falls you find a lake.


And in that lake?



Trust me you would not rather be playing Codename: Iceman

Meeting Erasmus. Part One of Many

Remember when ol’ ‘enry the ‘ermit mentioned a wizard named Erasmus who lived somewhere up north? Garcon did so he went looking for the guy.



Not who we’re looking for! Run away!



Yes, even the lowly saurus can kill me, right now.



This question is really more trouble than you think it is! Why? Because for some reason I decided to put three spaces after the end of my name and so I got it wrong a bunch when I typed it in here multiple times (sending me back to the bottom of the mountain) until I figured it out. Why did I put three spaces after the name when entering it? As if I know!

Meeting Erasmus, Part Two


Eventually, I get it right:




black, blue, and red also work, I think…






After ascending the stairs the man in the picture and that little creature on the shelf in the upper-left disappear:



Garcon begins by asking about magic users, Zara, Erana, the Warlock, and Baba Yaga. Perseii gleans some information from the web of bad jokes and annoying talking rat comments…



What else did Garcon learn? You’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

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