Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 9

Meeting Erasmus, Part Three

On the Warlock:

Baba Yaga:


The mirror:

The curse:


Come a hero from the East… Free the man from in the beast… Bring the child from out the band… Drive the Curser from the land.”

Magic Game:

Jackson made a note of all the spells he’d need to play the game. If he can beat Erasmus he can get the “Dazzle” spell from him. After talking to the Wizard for some time Danar leaves.

Guess we better start on that Counter Curse

But how? Wandering in the forest is a good place to start! While wandering what does Seepgood find? A White deer (hind?, buck?)

Having watched all of the Harry Potter film’s Garcon knows that this might very well be some powerful wizard’s Patronus and so he follows it!

Ah, it’s a stag…

Perseii being adept at lying:


Can’t he just hug a tree or pet a kitten?

Okay, so Jackson goes off in search of the Spore Spitting Spirea… only to find it like 4 screens away from the Dryad, she must be really attached to that tree…

There’s three ways to get this seed you can throw a rock at it til you knock it off it’s trajectory, you can climb up and mangle the plant that has it, or use the “fetch” spell. Using the spell would be the easy way and so Danar got some good throwing practice in:

It takes awhile… But finally Garcon knocks it down, picks it up, and heads back to the Dryad:

Brew it up!

Once back at the Dryad’s she asks for the seed and Jackson happily hands it over cause it was kind of slimy:

Then she gives us the low-down on the sitch in the valley:

The recipe:

Flower’s from Erana’s Peace, green fur, fairy dust, a magic acorn, and flying water

With that she retreats back into her tree and is never seen or heard from again by Seepgood. She was nice enough to give us that magic acorn though:

Okay, flower’s we can get any ol’ time since we know where Erana’s is at, fairy dust probably won’t be hard to find either seeing as we’ve already found a fairy ring, and flying water is a cinch too. So, all Danar has to do is find some green fur! Easy, right?

well, yes.

Cause the meeps live just north of the Dryad and there’s probably a green one! Perseii starts talking to them and:

Score! One green meep, time to ask some questions, though I don’t know how helpful furballs can be

ask about meeps

ask about home

ask about fur

ask for fur

Gathering Components

Fur and a magic spell, sweet! Jackson picks up the fur and what turns out to be the “detect magic” spell. As we leave the meeps night falls, which is okay cause fairies only play at fairy rings at night, I don’t know why you’d have to ask a fairy.

Here are some screen shots of Garcon running away from night creatures on the way to get flying water:

(That would be a mantray and a cheetaur)

Get it? cause it’s a waterfall? Oh, man these writers were clever!

While we’re here we’ll eat a fruit and check out stats:

Not bad but I’m going to want stealth and such in the 50s-60s before I rescue the Baron’s children and expel Baba Yaga, that’s some grinding ahead of us! Okay, let’s go back to the fairy ring and get some dust:

I hope they mean fun in the nice sense and less in the steal you away to Fey sense… They argue for awhile and then ask,

Of course I do! What kind of adventurer doesn’t know how to dance?

The parser didn’t understand any of that though…


They then argue over whether humans can dance at all, but Danar shows them up!

After dancing for the wee ladies Seepgood asks them for some fairy dust, of course there is more arguing but eventually he get’s some (the fairies didn’t want to touch Perseii, he might have cooties…)

Finding a place to sleep

That’s everything we need for the disenchantment spell! All we need is for the Healer to make it and someone to disenchant! It’s too late for either of those things though… So guess we better find some place to sleep. Erana’s is nice but ‘enry does have something we want..

ask about spell

ask about scroll


Now off to sleep! We give ‘enry some rations and he hit the hay, literally:

We go outside and use our new spell, “trigger”:

…no wonder it was so easy to climb…

To the Healers!

Garcon hands over everything:

So Perseii walks out the door, turns around, and walks right back in:

Jackson also picked up some healing, vigor, and undead unguent and then skipped into town to pick up the rest of the spells Zara sells.

Here’s where we stand right now:

Next? Meeting Baba Yaga and then grinding.

To come clean: I already went and saw Baba Yaga but I forgot about something there so I’m in trouble and have to load a previous save… I also tried to free one of the Baron’s children too, but need to grind up more.

So all that next week! (That partially explains any score discrepancies you might have noticed… Everything fine here! Don’t look behind the curtain!)

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