Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 10

Sidenote: Exploring Erasmus’ Magic Fun House

Quite a bit nicer than the Wizard in King’s Quest 3…

Bears?! Everything is Cooler with Bears

The first thing Garcon needed to do was get better at some of his skills, mostly stealth. How do you that? Easy you walk around the forest endlessly channeling some mysterious force from beyond time and space that makes your body endlessly cycle through walking and sneaking.

Seriously, that is how you level up stealth. Perseii also spent time cleaning out stables, cast magic at random objects, picking his nose, and climbing trees and walls. All in a full days work!

Once that was done though he wanted to start counter cursing! So, how did that counter curse go again?

Free the Man from in the Beast

That doesn’t sound good! Problem is, Jackson hasn’t seen any beasts around here! Besides that White stag, but he’s pretty sure that belongs to the Dryad and you, as you’ll learn in these correspondence courses you do not want to mess with a tree lady!
Some more looking around is in order! Into the forest!

Where Danar eventually locates: Evil Purple Ernie:

Who we will not be fighting now, yet, maybe even ever. Evil Purple Earnie is a monster folks! Some one took loveable Earnie and turned him into that! What would it take to make Earnie so evil and so purple?! I don’t know. But that’s because I want to sleep at night and whatever fucked ol’ Ernie up must have been something nasty!

Anyway, if you can run past Ernie you find yourself in a cave:

I’m guessing that bear does not want to cuddle, I wouldn’t either if I was chained up in some dank, nasty cave. This must be some miserable beas… Ah, hah! I know class it’s easy to be adventurous when you’re reading a text book, out in the field these things aren’t so obvious…
How does Seepgood get by the bear though? He can’t do anything if he can’t get close to the bear… Ah, bears love the same things stereotypical men do. Food.

give rations

“well, that doesn’t seem too charitable… All kobolds are miserly?”

There’s also some toadstools on the table which Garcon grabs mixing them up with his mushrooms which turns out makes them all unsaleable. Thanks for nothing Kobold! You are a miser!

Anyway let’s get the key off this bozo!

Those are Garcon’s stats. Seeing as he’s extremely low on health, stamina, and magic the only way he is going to get out of this cave alive is by remaining undetected…

steal key

Feeling cocky Perseii pokes around some more…

Free the Man from in the Beast

Being a thief, Jackson knows just how to handle invisible chests. Break in to them!

pick lock

Magical Doom? That’s the name of Danar’s next Metal band…

loot chest

(Magic Users can detect Magic this chest, then cast either trigger to make it explode or open to open it. Fighters are stuck strong arming the box and eating the resultant explosion… Unless the Kobold has another key on him, which he might that opens the chest if you kill the little guy)

Back to the bear…

free bear

Some people magically cursed do not deserve to be saved… But Danar will do just about anything for 50 gold! To the Castle!

Seepgood found the castle somewhat underwhelming…

Talk, Talk, Talk

The Baron has a lot to say so grab some popcorn and get comfortable:

It’s a real shame these games never let you humble any of the stuck-up bastards you meet through out them…

Of coursee Garcon does! He whips out his notebook and:

ask about brigands

ask about brigand leader

Talk, Talk, Talk continues

ask about warlock

ask about baba yaga

ask about son

ask about magic

Like a fool Perseii forgot to ask the Baron about his daughter and the day she disappeared. Despite that he’s got a hunch!

Sidenote: Tripping Balls

Seepgood’s only a recreational user, folks!

Be responsible only consume enough drugs to take you right up to the edge of oblivion. Never go over. Mostly…

Next time: Meeting Baba Yaga and consorting with the Undead!

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