Beer of the Week 20: Genesis Dry Hopped Session Ale

He'Brew Dry Hopped Session Ale

from the bottle:

Why is this beer different from all other beers? In the beginning, there was an idea, and it was good: A Gourmet Kosher Microbrew to celebrate the bounty of our own American land of milk and honey. Witness, a renewed Genesis: the evolution of our first creation! A smidgen of Middle East inspiration, a dash of West Coast ingenuity and an East Coast garden of brewing delights… Then we tasted it, and it was very good. After 5000 years of civilization, savor a microbrew with the chutzpah to keep calling itself the Chosen Beer. From the Golden Gate to the City of Gold, may He’Brew join in the blessings of your lives. To life! L’Chaim!

from my notes:

Pours a nice clear strawberry blond color. Nice, thick head with an off-white color that quickly fades. Smells of citrus, herbs and hops. When Genesis first hits your tongue you taste the malt with some citrus notes then the mild hops kick in with some earthy undertones. Not as strong as a Pale Ale just enough to let you know this is a hoppy beer.

The head settled quicker than my ability to take pictures of it (or I got distracted)

Not a bad American Pale Ale but I’ve had better (Red Chair, Inversion) If you like your beer with some mild hop bite to it this is a good place to start.

Rating (out of five):

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  1. I’ve tried many He’brew beers and found most of them to be alright at best. Overall I find they tend to muddle their flavors by using to many different types of malt and hop leaving the beer feeling confused to me.

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