Let’s Play Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero? Part 11

The Big Baddy

With the Brother saved there are only two more things for Garcon to do in order to fulfill the counter-curse and become the Hero of Spielburg! What’s left to do again?

Drive the Curser from the Land?


Bring the Child from the Band?

Hrm… Perseii already has an idea on how to find the Baroness but he hasn’t yet run into the Curser, Baba Yaga, yet. Jackson moves to remedy that situation! A good Hero knows that you can’t beat ’em if you don’t know ’em. Everyone says Baba’s hut is somewhere on the western end of the valley so he goes looking there:

Yup, that must be it:

Definitely it… Danar thought about going over the fence, like any good thief wood, but:

Looks like whoever lives here thought of that… So, he approaches the gate:

A talking skull? You could do worse, I suppose… Seepgood hits him hard with his questions:

ask about Baba Yaga

That looks like an opening!

ask about deal


ask about hut

ask about rhyme

This guy(his name is Bonehead, btw) sucks at security…

Remember back when we bought all those apples for the Jolly Blue Giant? and he gave us a bright red gem? Me too! If not go ahead and look back. I’ll wait…

Find it? Good!

That seems like the perfect thing to turn into someone’s eyes! Right?

give skull gem

Dealing with Divas…

What was that ryhme again?

hut of brown now sit down

Garcon Perseii Jackson Danar Seepgood! Master of all Chicken-footed huts he surveys!

look spider

Perseii moves slowly into the hut, his eyes peeled for Baba, but she doesn’t seem to be… AGH!

“Oh Goddess! She’s a master of doggerel verse! We’re DOOMED!”

“Oh no! She likes puns too! Kill me now!”

Out of the Pot into the…?

(Yes, I did have to type in Garcon’s name with the three spaces at the end, again. I hope you people appreciate what I put myself through for your entertainment)

You might ask why the most powerful magic user in the valley can’t get the mandrake root herself? Well, class that would violate the contract agreement the Adventurer’s Guild has with the Duplicitious League of Malcontents which stipulates that all Level 5 and higher baddies must offer lower level adventurers a fetch quest before killing them. See? Those Union dues don’t go to waste!

Cooking with Evil

Well, what are we supposed to do in the meantime? It’s not even close to midnight… hrm… We could play knife throw with the head of the thieves guild?

But I suck at that game… We could clean out the stables again?

That only takes a couple hours… We could Play Mage’s Maze with Erasmus?


He then goes on to ask Danar if he also knows Fetch, Flame Dart, and Trigger spells. Which he of course does!

If we win it even comes with a nice prize!

So what are you looking at here? This is the board on which you play Mage’s Maze. The goal is to get your little wisp, not seen, from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, Erasmus’ wisp starts in the right left. You’ll use the open spell to move rocks, the fetch spell to move bridges and ladders, the trigger spell on your wisp to make it grow or shrink as needed (only small ones can go through caves and, only medium ones can climb down the ladders), the flame spell is used to attract your wisp but it doesn’t seem to work very well…
If your wisp wanders its way down to the lower right before Erasmus’ does you win. Again, you can’t directly control the things you just have to open the path ahead of them while blocking the way behind. Oh, and the wisps will kill each other based on their size if they meet…

At this point Seepgood’s wisp (the white thing half way down the right side of the screen is nearly there. I’ve cleared out the way to the end while also blocking Erasmus’ wisp which is that purple thing near the center of the screen…
After a good while of my wisp flailing about and me wasting all my magic trying to get him to go where I wanted him to Garcon finally wins:

Woot! Hopefully that killed enough time?


Dammit… Let’s just grab the damn thing now!

Dammit! Well, I’m sure he gets it right next time! Until then…

Grave Robbing

Danar decides to abuse both the “rest” and “wait” commands in order to get through the rest of the day. Those, and just practicing sneak everywhere…

Eventually though midnight comes around and Jackson makes a dash for the Graveyard; on his way he encounters:

So, that’s a thing… In the graveyard Perseii grabs the mandrake and makes a run for it:

Hrm, Garcon must be missing something?

use undead unguent

That was it! Seepgood looks at his wrist to confirm the time:

and, this time, he enters the graveyard confident that he’ll walk out of it alive and with the mandrake root:

“frolic? Is that what they call it when they kill poor, innocent, livies?”

look ghosts


look plant

Next week we return the mandrake root to Baba Yaga, get completely wasted, and more!

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