Let’s Play Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero? Finale

Greatest Heist Yet

Garcon tries to scale the wall while the poor visioned minotaur has his back turned, to no avail:

If the right, and the middle are out that only leaves the left!

“Shit on a shingle!” Now is not the time to be practicing your climbing skills, Perseii! Eventually many tries and a vigor potion later:

The key to this area is to not step on the carpet and take the path to the left by the barricades then to go over the bridge on your right and finally to step over that thin black line you see there between the barrels and the assorted sacks. After that you slide through the door

This is a timed event where you have to stop all the brigands from flooding into the room, mess up and you’ll be forced to reload. Eventually we’re going to want to get Danar to the door in the upper left against the back wall.

close door

Once the brigands move away from the bottom door you need to:

Next some familiar looking brigands come in through the upper left door on the left wall.

move candelabra

nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

Brought to you by Errol Flynn and the Three Stooges

jump on table

With the knochelkopfs out of the way we enter the door into…

Seepgood wants to ask the weird looking fellow about Elsa and Yorick but the little guy doesn’t seem to shut up

Warlock Wonderland

ask about Elsa

ask about Yorick

So close Garcon can taste it! All he’s got to do is figure out this funhouse maze…

pull chain

Girl out the Band

open door

This is a fun little puzzle. If you mess up you find yourself kicked out of the door in the upper right sliding off of the bridges and into a restore game. Once through it though after dodging that fake door you enter the real one behind it to behold:

I suppose fighters can duel the enchanted Elsa before dispeling the curse upon her theives don’t have that luxury though

use dispel potion on Elsa

They Make a Cute Couple, Don’t You Think?

I thought they’d never leave!

get mirror

get potions

look bird

Remember that. It will come up later…

Drive the Curser from the Land

We use Yorick’s secret passage and find ourselves back with the Antwerp… Only one thing to do now!

Check out stats!

Nice! Okay, let’s go take care of Baba Yaga

Click the image to watch the ending!

And with that this let’s play comes to an end! Thank you for reading along. Next week I’ll be starting the sequel to QFG1, Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire. A fabulous game that expands on the the base QFG1 provided and expanding it with some wonderful storytelling, a fantastic setting, and a great sense of humor!

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