Garden Gone Wild! End to Fall Garden 2011


Arugula, Spinach, and the Lone Choy

As you know, late last year our dear dog Jake got bored one day and ate/destroyed the garden. He left behind only a lone bok choy and the arugula and spinach. After his rampage we let the garden go to seed. We thought it too late in the season to start over and decided to move on to other projects until the spring when we’d plant the new garden.

Turns out that despite our neglect the survivors have done okay for themselves. The choy is long past harvesting time but we’ve been taking in and using the arugula and spinach for salads, or fresh vegetable sides. I’m really kind of impressed how well they’ve done considering we haven’t watered them since December and this winter has been really mild with minimal rain. I almost feel bad about tearing them out in a week to put in the new garden. Oh well, circle of life and all that.

The Lone Choy Man. I wanted to try and see what it tasted like after so long. But, the missus' vetoed that idea.
I did not know arugula could get this big. It still tastes fine, too.
Obligatory Artsy Fartsy Shot of Bok Choy flowers

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