Spring Garden 2012: The Beginning

D prepares the planter

When every wild tree, bush, and plant in sight is blooming you know it’s time to get started on the garden. We bought numerous seed packets at the end of the season last year and are going to try and grow our own beans and tomatoes from seed instead of buying seedlings at the local Ace.

All sorts of seeds...

We’ll be growing everything from seed this year (hopefully) except zucchini which we’ll pick up once these seeds germinate and sprout. What are we growing this year?

Cherry Tomatoes
Bush Beans
Edamame Soy Beans
Japanese and Lemon Cucumbers
Roma Tomatoes

We put everything into the planter, watered the planter, then covered the seeds with additional soil, and covered the planter with a clear plastic top. We’re hoping to have some seedling in a week or so! We also hope Jake won’t take as much interest in the garden this season as he did last…

Seeds in planter before watering, covering, and setting out
The cover is there to keep everything warm and moist and to keep pests out.


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