Mind Sweep: Actions

A list! Everyone loves lists!

Once you’ve winnowed your tasks down to the ones you are actually going to do, discarding or putting into the “Nice to do sometime folder” the rest, the next step is to break the project down into it single tasks. This can be difficult and might seem ridiculous but it’ll save you time in the long run. While it seems ‘moving furniture’ doesn’t need to be broken down into steps. It does. Will you need someone to assist you? Is the area you’re moving the furniture to clear? Will you need tools? Are they out? Thinking all of this through now will make completing the project/task much quicker and organized.  The list above is all the projects that made it through the winnowing process. I’ve also lined out the first task and the one following. Some of these projects will be completed in a single action some require many.

Current Progress

You can see the updated list above with the progress I’ve made on these projects. At this point you just need to keep track of new projects and to break them down as they come in and make sure you continue to work on the next tasks for your existing projects. A simple list like this on paper, or on your smart phone is sufficient to manage your projects. Though there are a number of fancy ways to go about it. Just remember that your wallet can’t help you be a better organized person when it comes to productivity products…

Author: falselogic

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