Spring Garden 2012: Planted!


The weather is still all wonky but D and I decided that we didn’t want to wait any longer to put the garden or else it would be too late. I’m a little worried that the non-existent then late winter is going to lead into a too warm summer but that is a completely different topic. We went to the Ace today and picked up some compost, manure, and some tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, zucchini, and eggplant. We had some seedlings of those but they are still very young, as you can see above, and we wanted to have some back up. Back at the house I turned the garden bed over, put in all the compost we had produced ourselves (from the composter and the worm bin) and then turned it all over.

All the plants
All the poops!

Once it was turned over we laid out where we were going to be putting everything, put in some beer plants and then planted the store bought seedlings. We left a lot of room in the bed for the seedlings still in their planters (bush beans, Japanese cucumbers, edamame, and some heirloom tomatoes). Once the plants were in we watered it all down, soaking the garden. Then we filled up the beer traps with the King of Beers, and spread out the Sluggo (damn slugs are still the biggest problem we have with the garden.)

All done! Sorta...
Lemon Cucumbers!
Our tiny, precious seedlings! Protected from birds and slugs (it's on the roof of a shed.)

This is going to be our last garden here in Davis and we’re both crossing our fingers hoping it will be our best yet!


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2 thoughts on “Spring Garden 2012: Planted!”

  1. Sweet! It looks like the start of the best garden ever, and the pics tell the story. Clever anti-slug positioning on the roof under armor.

    I went out in last night’s drizzle to collect snails and slugs in a bottle. I always mean to leave them on the river’s duck beach as a quacker-snack, but sometimes I forget. Bottled up they die in two days. ‘m I bad? The horror of poisoning them offends my sensibility, but apparently I don’t mind asphyxiating them en mass.

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