Beer of the Week 29 Inversion IPA


Deschutes Brewing's Inversion India Pale Ale

From the label:

Paradise is stumbling upon our whole flower hop room and inhaling. Inversion is as close as you can get without knowing somebody. Enter, if you will, all the glorious aromatic complexity of the hop. This big, bold IPA’s intense multi-hop kick gets a subtle dose of restraint from select crystal and Carastan malts. For discriminating hopheads.

From my notes:

 clear, copper color. Thin tannish head with very fine bubbles. Smells of hops, citrusy, grains and grasses, and some yeast. Delicious citrusy taste with some pine for back up hops kick on the way down. Very smooth. Unlike other IPAs the hops are not overwhelming here and as soon as the yeast comes in to play they mellow out. Not easy to brew, I’m guessing…

If you’ve been reading this blog you know how I feel about IPAs and hops, and the hopheads who insist on overwhelming their beers with hops… I don’t know what is so compelling about beer that tastes like you’re chocking down asphalt, but to each their own. Inversion delivers the taste of hops without overwhelming those other important ingredients that go into a beer. This would probably have ended up a five star beer if I hadn’t already had Deschutes Red Chair NWPA…

Rating (out of five):

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