Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Two

Day 1: Exploring Exotic Shapier

First, first things let’s see if Ol’ Garcon made it to Shapier safe and sound?



*some of that old time DOS magicking*

What was the very first thing I did after loading in Perseii? Why, delete those three pesky spaces at the end of his name! The very next thing? Well it is the most important thing you can do in QFG2:

I turned Silly Clowns to ‘On.’ Now we can get started! Jackson was in a new city and that meant all his money was no good here he needed to find a money changer (those people Jesus hated) He asked Abdulla about it

Next was finding out where the Guild hall was:

Danar doesn’t think Abdulla is going to be that helpful! Here is hoping Shameen can help!

When asked about the Money Changer:

the Guild Hall:

The Fountain Plaza:

Okay, so not so much help. That is okay though. ‘Cause in the promotional material Seepgood got from the Shapier Chamber of Commerce was a map. It wasn’t a very good one but it will have to do until he gets a better one. He knows that the Money changer is on Dinar Tarik which is right off of Naufara Darb which is right off the Fountain Plaza which is just north of here! Garcon pats himself down before heading out to make sure he hasn’t lost anything:

As soon as Perseii leaves the Katta’s Tail he’s assailed by street vendors:

Ali Chica seems especially keen to let the hero know about his wares. Annoying as he may be a map and compass would be helpful.

Maybe he won’t notice the funny money? Gold is gold, right?

These infernal hallways!

buy map

So, we ask Ali Chica where the Money Changer is maybe he’ll have easy directions to follow?

Or not. Well, getting to the Fountin Plaza should be easy enough, it’s just north of here:

Inviting no? Be grateful. You don’t have to stare at endless iterations of this screen. I will, until I map out all the important places in town. Then I can just jump to them (thank the Maker!)

Kinda mesmerizing, no?

Did you like that? Like the POV change there? Me too! I loved it. Nothing like making an already confusing area more confusing by change the players POV! What’s that? It’d be easier to navigate this if they always kept the player oriented to looking north? I’m sure that would! But then you wouldn’t get lost! MwHahahaah! Die in a fire!

excuse me, I got carried away thinking like an adventure game developer. I apologize. Okay, so Jackson is now in the Fountain plaza. It’s important cause the apothecary is here and the founatin is. We’ll need the medicine the Apothecarist carries and we’ll need the fountain for our waterskins.

“And, they’re just giving it away for free!”

First, in to the Apothecary:

Are you even going to the Money Changers?

ask about pills

Seeing as this guy loves fire so much Danar asks him about it (how convenient):

“good to know, good to know”

ask about incense

Might as well be a thousand of them. I’ve got nothing but these here stacks of gold and silver!

The northen side of fountain plaza has a more street vendors and what I thought was a magic shop:

Nope, just going to talk to this flying idiot endlessly

ask about magic

look around

look shelves

(Did someone mention something about these? I’ve never bothered with them so fill me in maybe?)

ask about Aziza

You might have noticed that the characters, so far, in QFG2 are a lot more talkative than their counterparts in QFG1… It’s a mixed blessing, really. Like I said earlier we just need to find Naufara Darb if we want to get to the Money Changer:

Now picture in your head 15-20 screenshots almost identical to that last one. Imagine Seepgood walking through them. Nothing happening all the while. Did you do it? Good. Now I don’t have to put them up here for you to look at!

[qoute]look woman

I did this next part just for you Talking Time!

look soldier

Never say I don’t care! Wow, this is the Money Changers? Sort of a hole in the wall. Get’s me thinking, thiefly like

make thief sign

That is what it looks like?! How embarassing!

“Oh, stop you Minx! You’re making me blush! What? Oh, you meant actual theiving tools?! uh, yeah me too!”

ask about money

exchange money

Now that Garcon has some actual money he can start kiting himself for desert adventures unlimited!

We’re going to imagine again! Imagine I tried to get Perseii back to the Fountain or Gate Plazas. Imagine instead I roamed the dark, lonely, empty hallways of Shapier for ten minutes. Then:

A Plaza, at last! Wait, none of this look familiar! Where the hell am I? The Fighter’s Plaza? This isn’t where I wanted to be! Might as well look around since I’m here…

look around

(so pink!)

look liontaur

Pink Lion Men and Babies

talk liontaur

ask about hero

“That’s pretty banal. Not helpful either. Who said you were a hero again?”

ask about magic

ask about aziza

“Oh, fun! Another endless night of horrors being lost in this city looking for someone…”

“What a cute baby! Where’s the fath… I mean.. No, I wasn’t implying anything! I’m sorry! Look can I just sign my name and ran away in shame, please?”

look around

look emblem

“Isn’t that precious! Those brainless shield banging morons got thier own little club!”

(EOF is the fighter exclusive quest line in QFG2.)

look moose

read book

sign book

“Damn, that is a fine looking name right there! Though I do believe I will develope carpal tunnel from having to write it out all the time…”

I took their Jorbs!

look board

ask about guild hall

ask about baby

“Nants ingonyama bagithi baba, Sithi uhhmm ingonyama, Siyo Nqoba, Ingonyama Ingonyama nengw’ enamabaali uhhmm ingonyama, Ingonyama! Oh, sorry you were saying something?”

ask about liontaur

“I don’t know… Seemed to be full of empty platitudes to me…”

ask about paladin

“Enough talk! Have at you!”

A Combat Primer

Combat in QFG2 is done using the numerical keypad (sucks to be you if you have a laptop!)

Swings are slow powerful moves. Thrusts are quick weaker moves

7=swing back 8=thrust 9=swing low
4=h parry 4=m parry 5=l parry
1=lft dodge 2=back dodge 3=rgt dodge

Seeing as I have a laptop I think they only moves I can do are back dodge thrust and hi and low parry. Except my parries do nothing because I don’t have that skill… Let’s see how this goes:

Uhura offers useless advice throughout the practice. Which lasts until Garcon is exhuasted and has depleted his vitality.

But he did gain some stats, especially in Weapon Use and Dodge which he was lacking in from his time in Spielburg:

Next week we finish exploring the city,go into the wilderness, commit some minor felonies, and end Garçon’s first day in the magical city of Shapier!

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