Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Three

Fighting nothing but the city itself!

Outside in the Fighter’s Plaza Perseii stops at the leatherworkers stall to pick up another waterbag, just cause.

Besides the Guild Hall the only other thing in the Plaza is the Weapon shop. (BTW don’t I have to steal that bellows, there?):

buy dagggers

“Ten is a nice round number and bodies look so lovely with the hilts of ten daggers sticking out of them…”

We won’t be spending a lot of time with Issur, if we were a fighter we might, cause IIRC he’s the Eternal Order of Fighters contact in Shapier.

After that Danar returns to the lightless corridors of Shapier and once again gets lost (I spent most of day 1 being lost) I wanted to get back to the Gate Plaza so I could pick up a map and compass. Finally, he made it back to the Fountain Plaza and did some shopping:

buy rope

ask about air

Buying your way to happiness

ask about air elemental

ask about whirl

Enough of this airhead! Back to the fiery chemist, Harik Attar:

ask about earth

ask about dispel potion

Why am I asking this? Stop asking questions! Seepgood is precognescent! He doesn’t know what he asks these questions, he just trusts them when they come!

ask about fruit of compassion

ask about oil

buy oil

buy healing pills

“Oh thanks, that will be a great help when I’m dead…”

Alright now I can grab that map and compass Ali Chica had!

Or not… “We don’t need no stinking maps!” Welp, this place is dead let’s go outside:

A small excursion into the desert wilds

During the day a Saurus rental shop is right here, but not during the night time… So, we’ll have to go by foot…

Those have got to be some ofthe most obvious constellations I’ve ever seen…

What about Saurus head over on the other side of the sky? first we go east for a few screens:

’til we find:

Despite Garcon’s efforts no amount of watering seems to help the barren tree, he heads back to the west, past the city:

look griffin

use rope

climb rope

get feather

On the way back to town I get assulted by a pack of Jackelmen!

Fight for eternal justice, or to save your skin…

That is a lot of Jackelmen! And while I could normally take them I don’t have any SP which means every attack I do takes my HP away…

After killing one and getting into the ‘danger zone’ Perseii runs for it:

After escaping from the Jackelmen Jackson sees how he has improved:

Danar has had enough of the desert, it’s boring and full of flea ridden vermin. Besides, didn’t the money changer mention something about a job?

“of course I am! Didn’t I do that ridiculous dance earlier to show you how interested I am?”

“Fat loot, eh? I’m in! If, of course, I can find my way to this street in this godforsaken labyrinth of a town”

With that Seepgood heads off again, somewhat hopeful, that he will find his way to this house of loot before daybreak. And, after that find his way back to the Money Changer…

Highlights from Garcon’s trip through the city:

That blue lamp? That tells you this is the place to steal from! First things first


Of course I will…

All for a great cup of tea…

Eventually, Perseii gets inside the house:

“Welp, that’s the job! But since I’m here I might as well look around…”

oil hinges

search wardrobe

“What else looks out of place here? That giant rug perhaps?”

roll rug


“Crap! What to do, what to do? Eeps!”

Not our thief’s finest moment. Thank Erana for booze! Okay back to that trapdoor!

open trapdoor

Of course, he does!

Danar quickly closes the trapdoor, rolls the rug back in place and hides

This is getting ridiculous

Great hiding place Seepgood…

Okay, back to rolling the rug, opening the trapdoor and then picking the chest lock:

This is beginning to seem hardly worth the effort…

“changed my mind totally worth it!”

“new plan, don’t get caught!”

Made it, barely. Just

Perseii then meandered through the city until he, again, stumbled upon the Money Changer only to find it closed. =/ Which is fine, cause as you can see from thar last shot Jackson is exhuasted and he’s done enough for one day.

Sadly, Danar missed the meals. So, where’s my bed?

Seepgood sleeps ’til dawn. Fat lot of good it does him seeing as it was just before dawn when he got to the inn.

End of Day One.

*Some notes

QFG2 unlike QFG1 has some very time specific events. The elementals we’ll soon be seeing don’t pop up til day four and from there our hero has a limited amount of time to kill them before they destroy the city and end the game. So, there will be some days where our hero won’t be doing anything more than practicing skills, exploring the city, and venturing out into the desert. I could just get all the supplies I’d need to defeat all four elementals now. If you’ve been paying attention you might have seen that I’ve already done some of that. But it’ll be more fun to do them as they come up I think.

Also, about the heist on Day One. So, as you go through the night the game allows less and less out of place before getting busted. The first guy doesn’t notice anything. Even if you leave the rug down and stand out in the open. The second guy will call out if you don’t hide but will only comment on misplaced items. The last guy, the guard, will notice anything out of place and will report you unless you are in the wardrobe. Oh, and I forgot to mention there is a silver dagger in that chest, which had a false bottom. If you’re a fast typer you can get it before you have to replace everything and hide. Otherwise once the guard goes to bed you have to do everything over again to get it.

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