Beer of the Week 32 Red Chair NWPA

Descutes Brewery's Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale

From the label:

Witness the subtle, aromatic seduction of the debut Northwest Pale Ale. Another slap at brewing convention. Another kick in the pants. Enjoy. Not up for a full-on hop assault? Red Charin NWPA is a smoother ride. Seven select European and domestic malts take a surprisingly plush, satin turn on the way to citrusy hop kick. Edges out, layers in.

From my notes:

clear coppery amber color, thin tan head; quickly dissipates. Smells of citrus, fresh cut grapefruit that is the hops, some grain/grass smell behind it which is the malt. Tastes a lot like it smells, citrus is accompanied by some pine taste, smooth in the mouth. Citrus kick at the finish, still not bitter. Damn, this is good!

You see why they call it red chair? Look at that color!

Red Chair is the beer that turned me around on Pale Ales. Before I had this beer I thought hoppy beers were all awful, turns out it’s just most brewers of hoppy beers are awful. This beer looks,smells, tastes, and feels great. Pair this up with heavier foods, red meats, Shepard’s or pot pies, this beer pairs great with a burger!

Rating (out of five):

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