Spring Garden 2012: First Fruits

It’s only been two weeks since the last update and most of the plants have doubled in size the zucchini might have tripled (they aren’t done either, zucchini gets big!) The zucchini and the tomato plants have started bearing fruit as well! It’s not edible yet, but it by this time next week I imagine we’ll be eating homegrown zucchini and our salads will have cherry our very own cherry tomatoes in them!

Zucchini blossoming
Our first two cherry tomatoes, still green

The beans, cucumbers, eggplant, and basil aren’t as energetic in their growth as the tomatoes and zucchinis have been but they’re coming along as well. the bush beans have flowered and the cucumbers have found the netting we put up that they’ll eventually climb up and over. I’m hoping by this time next month they’ll both be as productive as the rest of the garden. I don’t know about the eggplant though, it is only my second year growing it but it just doesn’t seem to like the Davis summers.

Bush beans and cucumbers

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  1. Those clever little cucumbers, finding the netting and all! I’m sure your salads will be as full of flavor and nutrition as any on the planet. Bon appetit!

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