Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Four

Day 2 – Reaping what you sow

Garcon wakes up pretty early and seeing how late he was getting to bed it doesn’t appear as if the poor guy got much sleep at all. First things first he rushes to the Money Changers office to sell his hot goods, only to find that she sleeps in late. Well he does have some money still from the exchange so he might as well spend it. He heads to Laffin’s Magic Shop and asks hims what spells he is carrying:

Perseii already has three of those spells (he bought Detect in Spielburg, ‘Enry gave him trigger, and he won Dazzle by defeating Erasmus at the Mage game, remember?) Force Bolt and Levitate are new though! He picks them up:

Hopefully that burned enough time cause it certainly burned through our Jackson’s wallet! Back to the Money Changers:

After we hand over the Tea set she wanted so badly she let’s us in on another job, well more like an opportunity:

That is some useful information, Danar also sells her the bowl and silver dagger and finds his wallet restored:

As I said last post. QFG2’s main story events happen at set times. So we have the rest of today (and tomorrow) to explore the city somewhat and maybe even venture out into the desert! So Seepgood decides to fill out that map of his so that he won’t have to be exploring the maze-like streets of Shapier any longer… He heads back to Laffin to ask about other magic users in the city and just poke around his shelves:

This is a hint as to how to find the Wizards’ Institute of Technocery which is the Magic User’s special quest line in QFG2, we’ll see more of it later!

ask about glasses

ask about enterprise

ask about sticks

(see my LP of Space Quest 3 if you don’t know what an Orat on a Stick is, see my LP of Space Quest 1 to see what an Orat is)

ask about chickens

ask about magic

Aziza is the magic user that will be dropping mystical knowledge bombs all over us later on. Oh, and if Garcon tries to explore the rest of Laffin’s shop he finds that the doors lead to each other and the hallway receding into the distance is deceiving:

Enough talk have at saurii(?)

After his chat with Laffin Garcon leaves and heads out to the front gate, hopeful to purchase his very own saurus:

These saurii sound nothing like the ones we’re familiar with in the Spielberg valley… We won’t get our own though until the seller shows up. Danar heads back to the Fighter’s Plaza to talk to Rakeesh and pick his brain on some topics:

“Being a Paladin sounds like a drag! Who’d ever want to do all that?”

Since he’s in the fighter’s plaza he hits up the blacksmith, you know to scope out his place for a future nocturnal excursion (nocturnal excursion is the name of my next band) and to ask about the EOF (the fighter’s special quest line), he doesn’t get far at all:

“Oh, I can’t wait to rob your dumb muscle-bound brain blind”

“What was that?”


At some point Garcon got directions to Aziza’s place. She’s at the end of a nameless street in the northern part of Shapier. He heads there now. Once he arrives:

(Here is where I ran into trouble with our original name that no matter what I did just would not fit… So I re-booted the game altered the name and played again so)

Meeting Ms. Aziza

You can say Laffin here as well.

Can you guess which element is associated with Aziza? Aziza, if you couldn’t tell from the questions, the invitation to enter and everything everyone else has said about her, is a stickler for rules and ritual so the first thing you need to do is:

greet aziza

Then Aziza serves us some tea. Drink the tea don’t try to talk to her before that!

ask about Rakeesh

ask about magic


ask about water

Seeing as I already know what is going to happen in the next few days and we’re here anyway I get the elemental asking out of the way

ask about water elementals

The Fundamentals of Elementals


ask about fire elemental

ask about air elemental

ask about earth elemental

The Fundamentals of Elementals cont’d

ask about WIT

Always mindful of his manners, Danar says goodbye:

On the far east part of the town is the one plaza we haven’t yet visited the Palace Plaza:

One more place on the map… Next up is the Astrologer who is in the south-east corner of Shapier. He’s pretty easy to find his shop is at the end of ‘Star Street’:

(I find it a very clever joke that the astrologer wears super thick glasses and can’t see a lick but can somehow read the stars…)

What will we learn from this reader of the stars? You’ll find out next week, maybe as I’m going to be busy…

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