Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Five

Reading the Stars for Something


ask about scorpian

ask about dragon

ask about stars

ask about hand

ask about future

tell about past

Alright! Garcon is going to get his future told! That should be helpful, somehow? Welp, but it’s going to take some time so Perseii heads back into Shapier, as he leaves the Astrologer leaves him with one last nugget of wisdom:

What to do now? I suppose we will wander for awhile… We could go to bed but then we’ll miss seeing our katta friend do her dance… And my log of pictures here doesn’t seem to be making much sense because the next pictures are of me purchasing a Saurus. Before going to sleep again and before seeing the katta dance. So, I must assume that the comments from the city guard re: Suarii must be from Day One and I included them in the second shoot because I didn’t on the first day. So, that is what we’re going to say. You can’t buy a saurus on the first day but you can on the second. Back to the story:

Groucho’s Friendly Sales Pitch

(That’s two of the Groucho brothers (Chico is Alichica who sold us the map and compass, Where’s Harpo?)

Odds and Ends

Despite the sales pitch Seepgood ain’t buying yet and heads back into the city to talk to Keepon and Harik the Apothocarist about the jobs they posted in the Guild Hall:

Anyway that’s enough wasted time! Let’s see if our fortune is ready!

“Yikes! I don’t like the sound of that at all… But adventuring is all I know how to do! Maybe there’s a loop hole?”

I’m sure everything will work out in the end… What Danar needs now is a good distraction, one that helps raise his stats… But where?

How about the weaponsmiths…? We’ve got to scout out his place for some late night burgling anyway…

arm wrestle man

Fighters who have an actual strength stat are encouraged to do this often enough, until they can realiably beat this meathead. Garcon pays the man his money and silently vows to make it back the easy way! Right outside the Weaponsmith’s door Jackson runs into a street performer:

This is exactly the kind of thing though that a thief, like Seepgood, excels at! He walks up to the man:

“I can do that!”

High Places

Garcon hands over a dinar (what a sucker we’re totally going to fleece him!):

The acrobat then leaps up the platform and shows the crowd how it’s done:

“I’ll show you! … no good, showboating bastard, get my money back…”

“Easy money.”

“I’d be more than happy to take more of your money!”

“Like milking a cow, this guy…”

Walking the tight rope is pretty easy with an decent agility. I never bother trying to adjust my balance to the left or the right. Move foward and then stabalize, repeat this until you’re across. The acrobat will let you go three times (15 dinars profit) before you clean him out. It doesn’t hurt your stats either:

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