Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Six


Remember when we asked Keapon about Magic and he mentioned WIT? That’s the Hogwart’s of the Quest for Glory universe and it has a branch in Shapier. Perseii heard they have a large collection of precious objects just lying around so he figures it’s worth a shot to find. But how? Well, you use magic of course! Casting ‘detct magic’ in the corridors will reveal a big magic arrow that you can follow to WIT’s door:

The door only opens if you cast ‘open’ on it which Danar does:

“nice place… A little ostentatious though.”

Jackson tells them his name.

Danar lies to them, something sentimental like wanting to become a wizard and contribute to society… They eat it right up

“Hrm… Well who do you got? Let’s take a look at these here walls…”

look at Zara

That’s the lady who ran the magic shop in Spielburg

look at Erana

That’s the lady who’s garden you slept in the Speilburg valley, the one with the magic fruit and the openable rock. Genesta is the good fairy from King’s Quest 4.

look at Merlin

Still WITless

look at Harry

look at Aziza

look at Erasmus

There’s one more portrait on the wall. It’s the guy in black next to Aziza. Garcon couldn’t read the name on the picture though. Picking one at Random he annouced Harry Houdini as his sponsor:


“Whatever happened to ‘the customer is always right?’ What about Erana?”

“What about that Merlin guy?”


“Dammit, I’m running out of people here… Erasmus!”

The guy in black’s name is Ad Avis and is the big baddie for QFG2, we’ll be meeting him in person later. I had forgot his name during this part here. You can ask him to sponsor you though, but like the others he will, rudely, decline to sponsor Garcon.

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