Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Seven

WITless again

At WIT’s end

Perseii walks over Erasmus’ back and into the first challenge:

Okay the challenge here is to, using only magic: 1)find the right bell, 2) put it on the pole and, 3) make it ring

It’s pretty simple stuff. First, cast ‘detect’ the correct bell will glow for a second. Second, cast ‘fetch’ and place it on the pole. Third, cast ‘trigger.’

Isn’t there a test or something?

After being congratulated by Erasmus, Jackson finds himself returned to the WIT’s great hall:


(turns out I should have said ‘no.’ These puzzles aren’t so difficult I can’t solve them but Perseii doesn’t have as many magic points as he needs to get through them all, as you’ll soon see!)

Okay, so the Air Wizard has left a spinning staff in our way.How to get past it? Well, ‘fetch’t it first:

As it approaches you cast ‘levitate’:

Once it’s past you can return to the path and continue onward:

The wall is too high right now to climb over. Garcon casts ‘trigger’:

then ‘calm’

and climbs over:

WIT’s Testing Continues

The wall get’s angry again once you pass it, to move ahead cast ‘trigger’ one last time to return it to it’s inanimate state”

Two down, two to go

Cast ‘flame dart’ to melt the ice

Now cast ‘forcebolt…

“Wait, no! Um!”

Before he can say anything Jackson is back out on the streets:

Feeling dejected and depressed Garcon engages in some retail therapy and goes and buys himself a saurus:

My first Saurus

The nice thing about having a saurus is that you can never got lost in the desert! As long as you’re riding your big green buddy you can tell him to ‘go home’ at any time to return to Shapier. If only the guy would stick around and help you out in fights…
That’s about all we can do in the day and it’s close enough to evening that we can head back to the inn and enjoy the “show”

(click the above picture)

Well, that was something, wasn’t it? I try not to think too much about what desperate nerdy adolescent male teens were doing while watching the katta dance too much. I’m going to go out on a limb though and say more than one furry was birthed by that dance… =)
After the dance the night is still young and Perseii has a date with the Weaponsmith’s strongbox

End of Day 2

*grind grind grind*

You do have to be careful here. Guards occasionally walk through and if they catch you in the act it’s game over. Once inside the Shop. Close and lock the door. Now grease up that anvil!

push anvil

Do some more grinding…

With the chest open there’s nothing stopping you from robbing the Weaponsmith blind, which we do. After that Jackson returns to the Inn and get’s a good night sleep!

Stats and inventory after Day 2:

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