Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Eight

Day 3

This is going to be another slow day because, really, the only thing you want to do is hear the poet Omar. But, he won’t be in the Inn until evening… So, what is Garcon’s going to do to kill some time?

A couple of the guards, not to mention Keapon have mentioned a whirling dervish maybe we should find him, it gives us an excuse to take our Saurus out for a test ride. The dervish is at the oasis but where is that?

One of the annoying things this game does is change the POV on you. About four screens into the desert you’re no longer watching from the South as your charcter moves south but from the North watching them move south… This confused lil falselogic to no end as a child and it occasionally still messes me up

Well, here we are and there’s the Dervish… Might as well get a drink while we are here:

look man

We ask him a couple questions, his usual response is:

Then he spits out this riddle or puzzle:

ask about puzzle

ask when

Puzzling Answers

ask who

ask how

ask where

This is where I should have used the compass…

Anyway, Keapon wants some of this guy’s beard so…

Then I tried to find the ‘where’ the Dervish mentioned but got lost, so I gave up and went back to town. Did I ever show you guys the map?

There it is! With all the locations found so we never have to walk the streets again. See if you can identify them all by their little icons! First to sell the beard to Keapon:

In the fountain square we find this begger and give him a centime:

Giving the man a coin doesn’t visibly do anything, what it does do is add a single point to the secret paladin score which determines whether or not you become one.

After that we practice with Uhura some:

WIT once more

Then I try to complete WIT again. Even if I don’t it should raise Perseii’s magic score. You have to do it from the beginning again but I’m going to take it up from where we left off (I’m also thinking of doing a video of the WIT challenge because it’s so neat)

Cast fire


cast force bolt

cast open

cast open

cast calm

cast fetch

cast force bolt


Back on the street, Jackson heads back to the inn to hear the poet recite his poetry

(click above to watch the Poet!)

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