The New Place

The South end of the Living Room

Seeing as we’re all settled now I suppose I could share with my few readers some pictures of our new place in sunny San Diego! The place we got is a small cottage (550 sqft) and living in such a small space has been an adjustment.

The Northern end of the Living room with boardgame fireplace, bookshelf mantle, and computer cubby

But, we’ve been here for about a month and I’ve already come to find the smaller space superior to a larger house in many ways: its cozy, easy to clean, I have less stuff, it doesn’t feel cluttered, etc. There are some downsides as well; we don’t have a dining room and entertaining guests would be difficult but these aren’t deal breakers and over-all I think there are more positives than negatives with the place.

Our bedroom with south facing windows

The cottage, I think I should come up with a name for it has a simple floor plan the front door faces east and opens in on the living room which is connected to the kitchen by a long narrow hall that terminates in a full bathroom.

The kitchen with Jake

The bedroom is shares its eastern wall with the living room and its western with the kitchen. Another nice thing? The cottage seems centrally located and, so far, I haven’t had a need to spend more than ten or fifteen minutes in the car driving anywhere.


Now I just need to find a job!

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  1. Courage! The job will happen. And meanwhile ‘City Cottage’ is a clean, well-lighted place, cozy in an interesting neighborhood. The love you all share will be accumulating in the corners like dust bunnies. Best wishes for happy house warming.

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