STAR*** **OOP**S: A Surreal Space Poetry Project – Page 7

Thanks to Teg for helping with the image!

The planet

Punched, blown




The atmosphere

Down. Near



Burned away.

Burned off.

The sky?


No people in this one and nothing dying. Just a blasted planet. Was it too close to it’s own sun? Did it’s atmosphere get caught up by a interstellar object travelling across it’s orbit? Did something terrible happen there long ago? Who knows… rock and stone never reveal their secrets.

Author: falselogic

Doesn’t mix well with polite company; his two favorite topics being politics and religion. Would rather be out cycling, swimming, running, or camping. Misspent his youth reading genre-fiction; today, he is making up for it by reading large quantities of non-fiction literature. The fact that truth, in every way, is more fascinating than fiction still tickles him.

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