In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 5


Having done as much as we can right now at the Simbani Village, neither the Leapardman or Laibon want to talk to me so it’s back to Tarna with the things the Lioness God requires of me. Garcon arrives late in the night and crashes at his room at the inn. In the morning he heads to the top of Tarna:

“English must be your second language… You’re missing the definite article there”

“Wait a second! Why does this Lioness goddess have a male and a female voice? Or was that first voice in my head ALL along?!”

“The female voice knows what a ‘definite article’ is, one point to Hufflepuff!”

“Good! You’re learning! I sure have a lot of fancy titles, don’t I?”

“Excuse me priestness, but the adult gods and the Releaser of Darkness are speaking…”

“Yum, I can tell this is the gwoouuu……

Shit is about to get TRIPPY

“Wait, which voice are you? The first one or the second one? I’m having trouble keeping track of all the other people who seem to be living rent free in my cranium…”

“I was a key!”

The lamest drug induced fever dream ever

“I’m totally in harmony and stuff. I even hugged a tree!”

“Hrm… That’s a tough one. I was a thief, and then I was trying to balance my overt love of Mammon with occasional good deeds… What will I be though? I’m going to go with IMMORTAL.”

“Aren’t there any cool animals for me to choose?”

“I have to choose one of these, huh?”

“Ominious. Wait are you a new voice?”

You get extra points during this Destiny Test if you don’t do dick things and at least one of your choices aligns with your class (key=thief, sword=fighter, pentagram=magic user)

But, what does it MEAN?

“It doesn’t mean immortality?! Thor’s Left Nut! ‘World peace,’ BAH!”

“Yeah, I know I already picked that symbol…”

Okay, I think these sentences are supposed to be hints as to who can help you in the game. But, I’ve never been able to match them all up.

(Those first two are Uhura and Rakeesh and the three I free are the Leapardman, Manu the monkey, and the thief we met in the beginning, that last one is the Laibon’s son)

“So… I’m the Key Master?”

“Yup, that’s how I roll. The Wanderer, the Loner, the Mysterious Stranger.”

The Next Day

Well, that certainly was something wasn’t it? Let’s go give the Apothecarist all that stuff he requested:

This guy really likes that story…

We give it to him:

Next is the poisonous vines:

And then the water from Erana’s pool:

While waiting for the Apothecarist to finish off the dispel potion Perseii gets tipped off by the Hostess at the inn about the lone survivor from that peace mission that disappeared:

ask about peace mission

The PTSD Interview

Sounds like they were attacked in the jungle at night and that Rakeesh’s daughter saved him. The things that attacked them though don’t sound mortal…

While browsing in the market, look who approaches us:

“Excuse me, are you the Gate Keeper?”


Jackson next heads to Kreesha’s shop in the hopes of buying magic!

“Ewh, gross… (How do liontaur’s even do it? I mean none of it makes sense! Nothing lines up!)”

I guess business isn’t an option right now? (I tried on multiple days, though I forgot to try just clicking the money pouch on her. So I don’t know if I can’t buy magic because I’m not a magic use or I’m doing something wrong. Or there are no new spells in this game… I don’t recall.)

“… How convenient. For you.”

Well, that was pointless. But, not completelt useless it did take up time and when Garcon leaves the Magic Shop it is evening. He heads to the bazaar and his rendevous with the ‘honorless’ thief:

ask about honor

The Honorless Thief… NO, NOT ME!

Perseii gives the poor guy some meat, says “good night,” and goes to bed at the end in the morning he stops by at the Apothecarist to check in about those dispel potions

But when we go to buy them:


Back at Kreesha and Rakeesh’s love nest:

“Way ahead of you!”

Fulfilling that whole Destiny thing…

With the Dispel potions in his possession Jackson can go back to the Simbani village. BUT, then he wouldn’t get the thief to be his friend! So, over the course of the next few nights the two bond:

Welp, with that talk about Rakeesh, and sticking his neck out, Garcon’s done here, speaking of Perseii… How is he doing stat wise:

Not bad. Not bad at all. Back to the Simbani Village.

That’s no leapardMAN, it’s a leapardWOMAN!

We could talk to the Laibon but that guy won’t shut up about the spear and the drum and how he’ll never, ever, ever trust Leapardmen!

Instead we go straight to the caged leapardman:

We give the prisoner the dispel potion:

“hubba, hubba, wowza, wowza!”

“Wait! What? Marraige? You were just all going to let them rot in this cage forever when you thought it was a man?!”

With the magic of the Leapardwomen dissipated you report back to the Laibon:

“How very, uh, ‘progressive’ of you. To sell a women, a women who is also your prisoner…”

Confused about this whole thing Jackson goes to Uhura in the hopes of understanding:

“I can’t see how this plan can go wrong!”


On hiw way out of Uhura’s hut, Garcon runs smack into the entire village gathering to listen to the story teller:


Now go to bed little ones and we’ll finish this story next week, or the week after!

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