In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 6

Doing What Thieves do Best

The next morning after hearing the Stroyteller’s tale we check in on the Leopardwoman prisoner. The Laibon’s son seems to have a lot to say on the topic of her:

“That’s because he’s racist and doesn’t want you to marry this filthy jungle dweller”

“She speaks!”

“Who are you calling stringy?!”

“I’m the picture of physical fitness! Look at these stats!”

Garcon leaves the Simbani village and heads back to Tarna to let Rakeesh and his wife know what happened:

The land of Fricana does not seem to be much of a bastion of liberal enlightenment…

Perseii heads back to the Simbani village, he already has all the stuff he needs to purchase the Leopardwoman. Remember? All those things I bought at the beginning of the game? The zebra skins, the robes, the spears? Yeah, those things. Before, he does buy himself a wife he has one thing to do:


Back at the village, Jackson waits ’til nightfall and then sneaks over to the Laibon’s hut:

Buying Waifu!

I don’t know how he didn’t hear me tearing a hole in the wall right next to his head, let alone pieces of his house not falling on him, and let’s ignore how Garcon managed to step over his bed and into the hut… Somehow he did though and we’re now in the Simbani Chief’s hut!

The drum is mine! Next, we open this chest over here:


Now to make his escape Perseii makes the hole even wider, leaves, and goes to bed:

The next morning we visit our victim, his hut seems fine but he’s a little upset about the drum having gone missing:

“YES! It must have been thier evil magic! What? No, I’ve always had this huge bulge on my back! Anyway, here is all the stuff you wanted for the bride price.”

“Welp, best go say ‘hi’ to the new missus!”

“You’re probably right, Uhura. She does look especially feral…”

give beads

give fine dagger

“I love you too, Honey.”

give carved wooden leopard

“I’m just going to open this cage now and then we can live in marital bliss, alright?”


Finding Waifu

It doesn’t take a Wizard to figure out where Garcon’s wife headed. She most likely headed straight for the jungle and here home therein, Perseii follows:

It doesn’t take long until:

“I just came out here to invite you to the gun show”

*Jackson flexes mightily*

“By Erana! Make up your mind already woman!”

Garcon attempts to steer the conversation to safer ground:

Ask about peace mission

Jackson asks a few more questions but then Johari gets upset with us and leaves. We stumble around the jungle for a few more ours until she deigns to speak to us again:

The Leopardman Village

“You sure talk a lot about Yesufu…”

“Well, while we wait…”

“Au contraire me ami!”

They wait:

Leopardman magic appears to consiste of really bad dancing:

Getting the Spear of Death

Garcon uses his grapples to create a tight rope between the fence and the Johari’s dad’s hut:

Next, he tosses some meat down to the leopard:

Then he walks across and sneaks into the tree hut:

Inside he finds the spear, a caged monkey, a sleeping Leopardman Chieftan, and a chest

First things first we got to keep this monkey quiet:

Then Perseii frees him:

Next is the spear:

Finally, we oil the chest, pick the lock, and open it to find:

“Ewhh, gross!”

Time to go! back the way we came in:

I found your Drum

The next day at the Leopardmen’s village Johari introduces Garcon to his new father-in-law:

“Just you try it buddy! I’ll be wearing you as a coat before you know it… I mean I come in peace!”

Next stop, the Simbani village:

“Boy, does that sound peaceful!”

Peace Summit

“Way to get things off to a good start Laibon!”

“You think?! Listen to this guy! I thought he was hear to negotiate a peace treaty not take a dump on the Leopardmen.”

Just then the Leopardman chieftan shot a magic fireball at the Simbani Laibon at the same time Yesufu, over there in the corner, chucked his spear right into the Leopardman’s chest:

As the Leopardman dies a black smoke rises from him:

“Thanks, Captain Obvious!”

I guess we’ve got to find the Demon City now and try to fix this before things get even worse!

Bonus! The Weird Thing We Met on the Savannah

That first night as Garcon fled the Tarna and began his quest for the Demon City a strange thing happened to him. He had just settled down to sleep when:

“What Purple Giraffe?”

Besides being a poorly conceived and drawn character Arne serves as the in-game encyclopedia about the various monsters and places one can find in Fricana. I always assumed he was a character from another Sierra On-line game that I just never found. But, it turns out he’s just an info dump named after the fictional alchemist in Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Center of the Earth. Who knew?
I’m hoping to wrap this LP up before the end of this week when I’ll be in the middle of a move. Failing that hopefully I can get it down after the move and not too long into September.

Thanks for reading!

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