Green Up your Clean

Isn't it insane that there is a STANDARD for such pictures?
If you google images of cleaning supplies you’ll note that MY picture conforms nicely to the standard.

Cleaning it’s a Sisyphean task. As soon as you’re done you’ve got to do it again. Just another front of Humanity’s endless war against entropy. But you don’t have to help entropy along by using harsh chemicals that muck up our waterways, damage our skin, and do harm to our fellow travelers (critters and such.)

So, here are some “friendly” alternatives to the more common cleaning agents!

Comet: Used to “disinfect and clean tough stains” Comet usually finds duty in the bathroom where it’s used to clean tubs and toilets. The primary ingredient is dichloroisocyanuric acid that reacts to water and becomes hypochlorous acid, a chemical similar to bleach. Instead of using Comet you can use Bon Ami’s powder cleanser it is biodegradable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

Pledge: Used to clean and dust. Pledge is mostly propane, butane, and lighter fluid mixed in water. Instead of covering your wood products in propellants and fuels every week try using Earth Friendly Product’s furniture polisher with olive and orange oil.

Formula 409: Used as a general/all purpose cleaner. Formula 409 contains 2-butoxyethanol a carcinogen and ethylene oxide a highly toxic material. Instead of using Formula 409 try Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear all purpose cleaner. Free & Clear contains only plant derivatives and baking soda.

Windex: Used to clean glass surfaces Windex is mostly water with small amounts of ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and rubbing alcohol. Give Citra-Clear a try it contains natural plant ingredients suspended in ethanol (booze.)

There you have it some good alternatives to the chemical rich, petroleum derived cleaners we usually use. If you make the switch let me know what you thought of any of these products. Or, if you use something else share it in the comments below!

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  1. Wayta go! From my own soapbox, may I add that I’ve been using Seventh Generation powdered laundry detergent–which is pricier than I had dared support–and am surprised at how well it dissolves in water and cleans the clothes. Bonus points accrued when it lasted longer than expected and could be recycled as a recycled-paper box.

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