Drop it Dirtbag! False(B)logic enters the World of Law Enforcement, Let’s Play Police Quest Part Six


These drug dealers sure do take their time… Sonny takes the opportunity to load his gun and strike poses:

Okay, enough looking hot with a gun, back into the bushes, and to waiting:

It appears that both these characters and their dialog came straight out of central casting…

As a game for children I like that they can kill your character off in one of many ways but using anything more profane than butt is not allowed…

“Nothing gets by you Sonny!”

Sonny radios Laura and then yells,


You’re never going to be a drug lord that way! The other guy beats a hasty retreat into the park:

With the suspect apprehended you tell him to hoof it out of the park:

With his suspect back at the car Sonny searches him:

“Oh no!”

Sonny looks over the ID card and sees that our suspect’s name is Victor Simms, a student at Jefferson High School

(That gun would have killed Sonny if he had come out without saying “Halt” or having his gun unholstered…)

Sonny pumps Simms for information:

The other suspect, Colby, isn’t as helfpul:

With both suspects apprehended and questioned Sonny and Laura take them back to the jailhouse. Where you can guess Sonny has to once again put his gun in a locker before entering the jail. Inside he books the two for drugs:

After booking them and delivering them to their cells Sonny and Laura return to the Station:

This game brought to you by DARE

Welp, here we are at the Blue Room again. What depressing personal story will Jack have for us now?

“That can’t be good…”


“Jack, maybe you and your daughter should take some personal responsibility for this situation?”

See what I mean about the Blue Room just being a depressing place? Only bad things happen here!

This is literally the longest day in history… Back at the station, in Morgan’s office:

Sonny heads over to evidence to get another look at Taselli’s aka Hoffman’s little black book:

This is how Detective work works!

J.M. must be that Jose Martinez Simms was talking about and H.D. is probably the Hotel Delphoria… Let’s see what else we can dig up:

Using the latest in technology from 1989! A single computer!

Sonny types in the serial number from the gun he lifted from Hoffman:

With the number the computer spit out he goes to his office and gives the number a call (do realize how hard work was before cell phones?)

“Lucky you. Unlucky for Lytton…”

Next, Sonny calls the crime lab and asks about the gun we found:

Sonny then went to Morgan’s office to tell him what he learned but his boss is out of the office, back at his desk:

Operation Trick Trap was a success!

Back in Morgan’s office:

“Why does everyone thing I care about this whore? We just went to school together! Wait.. a sec, I mean yes, her curvacious, disease riddled body fills my red-blood american body with urges!”

Sonny speeds to the jail to secure his beard, I mean cover!

Sonny tells her about his plan to make everyone think he is straigh.. I mean Morgan’s plan to use Maria to help Sonny create a cover for infiltrating the Hotel Delphoria

Everything is coming up Sonny!

“Yes, everyone is buying this!”

Those Damn Nipples

If Sonny was straight he’d know that his face wouldn’t be where his blood would be rushing…

On the way back to the Department:

Whatever you think next, Sonny swears he is not a necrophiliac and that he was just doing his job:

With Hoffman dead the only lead Sonny has now is the illegal gambling going on at the Delphoria… Back at the Department:

The Sting

Before Sonny can leave, Sgt. Dooley steps in:


Undercover, but the boring kind…

Sonny, being a sensitive soul has a call to make before he dyes his hair and gets into character:

With that sad duty Sonny heads back to the locker:

Take one last look at strapping, raven haird beauty Sonny Bonds:

and say hello to sexy bombshell Sonny Bonds:

With his hair dyed Sonny gets into his outfit (and reveal the police officer who wrote this game’s Petite bourgeoisies attitudes and feelings towards the lower classes)

Back in Morgan’s office:

Gambling it all on Gambling!

With the briefings done Sonny heads towards the endgame at the Hotel Delphoria:

and the hardest part of the game, the Delphoria’s driveway:

Do you know how many times I’ve died trying to get to the Delphoria? Hundreds, I’m sure. Why? Because its at a diagonal and those are really hard to do when all you have are the arrow keys. I died four of five times on this playthrough even!

After many deaths and reloads I finally get it and Sonny enters the hotel:

Sonny rings the bell, rents himself a room for $100, and then enters the bar:


Social Engineering 1

Those two guys don’t look suspicious at all!

Next, Sonny gives the bartender a big tip for the beer ($20)

With an invitation the game in pocket Sonny and Marie head up to his room, to notify his boss

Into the game!

Once into his room, Sonny uses the phone to call Morgan and report on their progress:

“Well, that was unhelpful!”

With her job done Sonny calls Marie a cab and then returns to the Bar:

Read ’em and weep boys! I’ve got a pair of eights!

Sonny waits there for a bit with the two strangers and the awkward silence until a fourth player comes in from the back:

And this my friends is where I as a child of ten and my brother at fourteen learned to play the game of poker.

It’s an incredibly simple version of the game. Each person gets five cards, you can change out up to three cards once, and you go through only two rounds of betting until call. You starts with around $700 dollars and have to play until you lose it all (and the game) or win around $300. The best way to do this is to save scum. And that is what I do! It’s a tedious process of saving and loading until you get the hand you want, winning some coin, saving the game and then repeating the process!

Before too long though:

With the first game over Sonny returns to his room and waits for his back up to show up:

We talk to one of the backup guys to get out transmitter:

And then head back down for the BIG Game with the BIG Fish!

Next time, the thrilling conclusion to Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel!

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