Cocktail of the Week: Honey Bourbon Toddy

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I could only avoid making the Hot Toddy for so long. This is the Quintessential cold weather cocktail. Sure, there’s Irish Coffee but it doesn’t have the universality of the Hot Toddy. Irish Coffee is something you drink after eating or when you first wake up (Hey, Lushes! How ya doing?) the Hot Toddy can be enjoyed any time of day and with or without a meal. It’s warmth and love distilled into a cup.

The ingredients
The ingredients

Honey Bourbon Toddy

  • 3 oz. bourbon
  • 1 oz. honey
  • 1/2 cup of hot water
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • lemon peel

Stir honey and water until honey dissolves. Add bourbon. Pour into a toddy cup or mug. Twist a strip of lemon peel over each drink, then add to glass. Stir with a cinnamon stick and serve.

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Oh, wow. This was an amazing cocktail and just perfect for the overcast and windy day that I made it on. The warmth of the water and alcohol and the sweetness of the honey feels amazing when it goes down your throat. D didn’t want to have a cocktail but once she had a sip of mine she changed her mind! She was surprised at how warming the drink was and after finishing declared *this* version of the Hot Toddy her new favorite cocktail. I can’t disagree with her. This was really, really good and the perfect cocktail for a cold, cold night.

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  1. As a cold weather, nighttime bicyclist, I’ve often stopped at a bar for a hot toddy during the six-mile ride home. You’d be surprised how varied this drink can be by different bartenders. Yours sounds like the best of the bunch.

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