Didn’t I Say Drop IT?! Let’s Play Police Quest 2: The Vengeance, Part One

Welcome to another Sierra On-line Let’s Play! This time we’re returning to the gritty, crime filled streets of Lytton as Police Detective, Homicide Sonny Bonds! You might remember Sonny Bonds from such Let’s Plays as  Drop it Dirtbag! Let’s Play Police Quest and your fever dreams!

Police Quest 2, as the name implies, is the sequel to Police Quest. The game picks up a year after the events of the first game and players once again take on the role of Sonny Bonds who has been promoted to a Homicide detective and begun dating former prostitute Sweet Checks Marie. This idyll is short lived though as Jesse Bains, aka The Death Angel escapes from prison and vows revenge!


Front Box:

Back Box:

The Manual:

Police Quest 2

Welcome to the new Lytton PD Office!

But before we get on with the game we’re going to have to deal with one thing…

The copy protection:

So pull out your Police Quest 2 manuals and look for the name next to the picture that best matches our big face friend over there!

If you don’t have a manual then clearly a thief! Also, probably a communist and maybe a sexual deviant! Turn yourself in to the proper authorities now!

If you did have your manual and you did type the name in you may continue reading this LP!

The game begins with our protagonist pulling in a tiny subcompact pulling into a parking space:

This can’t be Sonny Bond though! Sonny Bond drives a groin-achingly manly corvette!

See! It isn’t! In PQ2 you’re some sissy blonde! Let’s get a look around:

Lots of people have “sports cars” and partners named “Marie.” This could be anyone!

We pull the keys from the ignition and open the glovebox, remember this is a Sierra game so we will be opening everything! Not only things we can see but even those we can’t!

A business card! That should clear everything up! We grab it and the registeration (probably needed for some sort of obscure DMV puzzle later on):


I can understand keeping the hair blonde, it’s fabulous and Sonny looks great with it, but the “sports car” too?! Not the “sports car!”

To add insult to injury the damn registration isn’t even used for anything. Welp, time to go to work, I guess… If there is even a reason to ever get out of this car in public where people might recognize you…

Unable to bear facing his co-workers Sonny walks out into the street:

I guess saving face isn’t an option… Into work we go:

A Day in the life of a Police Detective

That’s the main lobby. If we go over to the right we see:

Before we dig in to this let’s take a look again at what we got!

Not much to go on with our inventory… Let’s check out the Lockers?

Sonny tries a couple of the lockers but doesn’t know his combination… Maybe it’s written down somewhere? Maybe at his desk? If you recall from the intro Sonny is now homicide detective so we should head over there:

How quaint a single computer for the entire department… As we make our way to the desk:

“Indeed! How dare our court system have measures to ensure a fair trial! What a terrible waste of resources!”

Sonny takes a seat at his desk and start looking for a clue as to what his locker combo might be…

“and you mine!” Sonny says loudly hoping everyone in the office will overhear it! Nothing in the desk… Maybe in his inbox?

But your partner just told you about it!

Despite searching through the desk we don’t find anything that might tell us what our locker combo might be…

Guns Guns Guns!

As Sonny leaves the office:

“God damn it! God damn our nation’s attempt to ensure a fair trial for everyone! Why can’t we just lock up/kill the people we tell them to?!”

Out in the foyar, I begin to panic and go through all my items again looking for something that will tell me how to get into Sonny’s locker… I look at the business card again, try and open the wallet and then finally stumble upon the correct phrase to look at the BACK of my business card:

Huzzah! Into the lockers! Sonny’s is the first one on the left hand wall:

“heh, heh, everyone is fooled”

Sonny grabs all his gear and leaves:

All right! We got all of our gear! Let’s go do something…? Sonny isn’t getting a lot of direction here… Hrm, what to do!


I know!

Let’s shoot things!

We ask Ken for some ear protectors and heads in:

We fire off a few shots and check our work:

It does look that way, yes:

Fixing our Gun, Gun, Gun

Uh, okay. What the hell does this do? I guess we’re just supposed to randomly push buttons here? Then shoot some and see if that works? Thankfully I know that you need to use the arrow keys. Also, because it told us low and to the left I know to hit the up key and the right key a random number of times and then re-shoot, so I do that.

We put in a new target, push it back, raise the gun, shoot some, push the button and check the target:

We adjust the sight again, pushing the right arrow key a few times and then do it all again:

Yay! This is important to do now ’cause later on you can lose the game because you didn’t do this. The game will never explicitly tell you to do this, nor will it explicitly tell you this is why you can not beat the game.

They were still working out adventure games at this point, right?

Sonny walks out of the shooting range his pants a little stiffer, guns will do that to you, and gives the protectors back to Ken:

Ken also gives us some ammo to top us off. On our way back to our office we stop at this desk:

Yeah, this one. The one you can’t really see!

We open our bin and:

Why wasn’t this in our locker? Who knows? That makes too much sense. Why was it here, hidden away where no one is likely to find it? Who knows?

In other news, can you believe Jim Wall’s kickstarter campaign failed?

Yeah, I totally can too.

Anyway, the kit is full of important stuff we need to solve crimes:


We walk back into the Homicide department:

“I did not see this obvious and poorly telegraphed story twist at all!”

“I can’t believe it?!”


“Um, boss. I know this guy just escaped jail, and he took one of our own hostage, and you’ve put me in charge of the manhunt. But, can I root around on your desk for a second?”

“Thanks boss”

I forgot to do it our first time in so we check the back bulletin now:

(That’s the only hint you get that you should go to the shootng range and use your gun)

We grab some keys and then head over to the file cabinet:

We grabs Bains file and then a pic from the file:

We close the file and head back to the Captain’s desk…

What happens next? Find out next week! When hopefully this game gets interesting!

Don’t hold your breath…

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