Didn’t I Say Drop IT?! Let’s Play Police Quest 2: The Vengeance, Part Four

Another Parking Lot

As Keith wanders off into the parking lot Sonny moves exactly to the stolen car:

“check VIN”

Next Sonny dusts the rearview mirror. Why? Well, because the person who stole it probably had to adjust it:

As soon as we finish Keith pops up:

Sonny heads back to the car to notify dispatch:

With that over Sonny heads into the Terminal. Of course Keith decides to do the part of the job that requires nothing:

Please note that no matter how long you wait here you will never see a car drive across the road. But, if you step into to it:

A taxi will fly across the screen and kill you. I was ready for it and I still missed capturing a shot of it… Anyway, we have to push the pedestrian crossing button:

As he makes his way to the other side of the street Sonny is approached by a flower seller and buys a rose:

and walks into the Airport…

Wide Stance

First stop? The Men’s Room:

Sonny knows Bain was here at the airport and that he ditched the stolen car as well… The question is did he ditch anything else? Sonny checks the stalls and in the middle one:

“Open toilet”

“look tank”

“get gun”

With the gun in hand, Sonny goes over to the hand dryer and uses it to dry himself and the gun off:

I can’t imagine how long it would take using one of those useless electric hand dryers to dry off a gun…

With some evidence in hand Sonny goes to explore the rest of the terminal:

Neither of the clerk’s at Top Hat had seen Jesse so Sonny checks the other side of the terminal:

“Ask list”

That’s about everything there is to get at the airport. Sonny exits the terminal, safely crosses the street and meets back up with Keith in the parking lot and calls in what he’s found:

Date Night

And with that Sonny drives back to PD:

Just a note to the reader, there are several instances when characters will ask Sonny a direct question. I don’t bother answering any of them because the game won’t recognize anything you say to a character. The most you ever need do is type “talk x” where x is the character’s name and SOnny will say whatever is in the script. Trying to interact in any other way is just an exercise in frustration.

Back at the station Sonny heads to his desk:

“Great! I want to talk to her too! Now what’s her number…”

I go through all of Sonny’s items but I can’t find anything… Hrm, what do I do then? Oh, that’s right this game takes place in the old timey era! Sonny picks up the phone:

Yup, we’re going to use Directory Assistance!

Yes, this is how people used to get numbers if they didn’t look them up in a phonebook. What’s a phonebook? It’s that brick of paper you get on your doorstep twice a year that you immediately recycle.

Anyway, with the number now in hand Sonny gives Marie a call:

As soon as we hang up the Captain gives us the rest of the night off (convenient!)

Dinner at Arnie’s

But before Sonny can enjoy his evening off with Marie he’s got a couple things left to do:

Drop the keys for the unmarked car off and turn in all the evidence he’d collected throughout the day:

Sonny has some deep pockets… with everything done at the PD he heads over to Arnie’s:

What classy place lets you seat yourself?! I can only assume this means there are no classy places in Lytton!

Marie is the black haired woman in the whote dress sitting alone. Sonny joins her at the table:

Most Boring Date Night ever…

This is a perfect example of what I said earlier! The man asked what I wanted to eat and I could order one of them or I could just:

“order food”

After the waiter leaves Sonny gives Marie the rose he picked up from the airport:

Then he kisses her:

I wonder if Jim Walls ever talked to a woman before? Or if he was just going off of what the little girls he remembers from grade school talking about?

Sonny kisses her again:

Sonny tries to talk to Marie but:

If you keep trying she eventually says “something:”

Sonny kisses her again and then again:

And then again:

Hubba, hubba! Except we’re not going to do that cause if we do we don’t get a perfect score and we want a perfect score right? (Except, we won’t get one of those either cause I messed up at the very beginning of the game. More on that in a future update…)
We reload a save and do dinner again. This time Sonny restricts himself to just two kisses:

We eat the meal and pay the check:

And because we stuck around and ate the food and paid the check we get an extra point! Seriously. Also I guess being “the nice guy” also means you get more points? This is why nerds are friend zoned, white knighting weirdos. The games we played as youths lied to us!

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