Didn’t I Say Drop IT?! Let’s Play Police Quest 2: The Vengeance, Part Six

What Next?

We left Sonny notifying the Steelton police that a person in their town was on Bain’s hit list. They didn’t seem that interested… Next, Sonny heads over to the Burglary department to follow up on what Keith said about that shotgun at the motel.

Sonny ask Detective Simpson about the burglary:

Sonny next asks about finger prints:

We now know Bain has another shotgun and a .32 with a silencer as well as the gun he lifted off of the prison guard. Before heading out (to where?) Sonny checks his gun in the shooting range. It’s shooting high and to the right this time. He makes the necessary sight adjustments and then turns in his evidence to Big John:

I try to turn in the lipstick found in the motel, the death not threat and the note from Marie’s door but the game doesn’t let you. So much for being a good cop, huh Sonny?

With that done Sonny and Keith drive around for awhile because I can’t quite recall what to do next. I then go through this LP trying to figure out if I missed something. I then noticed that in the conversation Sonny had with the Steelton cop the guy said “See you soon…” There has to be something more in the game to indicate you’re supposed to go to the airport but I couldn’t find it… Sonny heads to the airport:

Sonny pushes the cross street sign again, and then heads into the airport:

“Buy ticket to Steelton”

Flying the Friendly Skies…

“Buy ticket to Steelton”

Tickets in hand the two detective head to their gate:

Sonny tries to go through the metal dectector:

“Duh, I’m a cop. Didn’t you see my badge when I put it into the tray?”

What? Seriously? Okay… *Reload*

Before boarding the plane Sonny notices a hideous and short guy waiting for the plane at the right end of the bench and talks to him for a second:

Except don’t because all of the Leisure Suit Larry games are sophmoric and awkward…

Slight Turbulence

With the promotional material done with Sonny boards the plane followed by Keith:

Keith takes a seat and Sonny tries to:

“fasten seatbelt”

As soon as Sonny buckles up the Captain comes on:

(This is a highly streamlined and idealized vision of what air travel is like…)

Sonny unbuckles his seatbelt and settles in to enjoy the flight…


The Stewardess heads down the aisle taking orders from the other passengers until…

Oh dear, so much for an easy flight. Looks like Sonny has a plane hijacking to deal with…

Next week.

Also, I went back and played through the airport part again. If you show your badge to the desk clerk and then show him Bain’s picture he says they sold a ticket to him earlier (and you get two points). He doesn’t say to where. When you look over the flight list nothing stands out. I suppose that is a hint that you need to fly somewhere with Steelton being the only logical place for Bain to go if he is hunting people down… He couldn’t have flown there before though and then come back to get Marie… Because the guy he want’s to kill is still alive, we just talked to him on the phone…

Once in flight the

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