Didn’t I Say Drop IT?! Let’s Play Police Quest 2: The Vengeance, Part Eight

Walk in the Park

We last saw Sonny Bonds in Steelton’s Burt Park, the last known location of Vengeancer Jessie Bains. Sonny was escorted by his partner and a Steelton beat cop but those two quickly disappeared. Sonny is left alone with his thoughts… and this telephone booth:

and to no one’s surprise the phone booth is no help at all… Sonny moves deeper into the peaceful seeming park:

“No murderous fiends here…”

“or here.”

“None here either… This park so far is a big bust!”


“Oh there you are!”

Nothing as terrifying as a walkie-talkie! Take that unarmed hooligan!

cause only cops have walkie-talkies?

Sonny tries to talk to the hoodlum but he isn’t that talkative, he tries to read the punk his rights but Keith has already done that too… I’m kind of at a loss as to why Keith even brought him over…

Oh, now I get it. This is how the game gets rid of Keith for the next part! With no one else to harass him Sonny continues his exploration of the park… Eventually:

“What manhole?”

“look manhole”

“move manhole”

Welcome to scenic Steelton’s sewer system!

And as soon as Sonny does he slips on stone and dives head first into the river of human filth:

I don’t quite know how getting covered in piss and shit makes you go unconscious and drown… BUT IT DOES!


Sonny heads east:

That can’t be good!

Sewer Surfing

Despite the burning Sonny pushes on!

Methane gas kills… we reload again and try to go through this corner faster. Yes, while a cloud of poison gas might make you think this area is impassable and I’d have to try another route you would be wrong! On the next try Sonny makes it through:

“a ladder!”

Sonny tries to go up it:



Instead of going up the ladder Sonny heads south and then west:

Sonny heads toward the red box when:

Come on!


This time we approach the box from below:

Sonny opens the box to find:

Which he grabs before heading west:

But with the mask on the methane has no effect on Sonny, take that decomposing human waste product!

South and then east and then Sonny finds:

*dun dun duuuuuhhhhhh!*

Sonny takes a breath and heads in:

A white dress?! Here in the sewers?! After Labor day?!


Before he does anything Sonny tells Marie to calm down:

Then he unties her:

Sonny hides behind the pipe on the left and draws his gun. Then waits…

As Bains approaches he notices Sonny and gets off a shot (this is important) before Sonny guns him down:

Sonny is rerevenged!

But what happens if Sonny doesn’t shoot back? Well, he dies. DUH!

With Bains dead and Marie saved, everyone heads back to Lytton:


The review board finds:

If Sonny had shot first then we would have got the “bad ending.” I forget what it is probably him losing his badge or something and a thanks for playing message. But we didn’t so we get the good one!


Missed a perfect score by nine points! Going through a point list I found on-line I think the only things I missed were:

5 – Ask Lloyd in Narcotics about drugs
1 – Show ticket agent mug shot
3 – Ask ticket agent for flight list

Not too bad for a game I haven’t played in near twenty years! But here we are at the end of it. Sonny and Marie are safe and happily engaged, the Death Angel is beyond hurting anyone, and the small city of Lytton, CA is peaceful once more.

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for my next Let’s Play:

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