Designer Diary: De-making King’s Quest: Starting Over

If you go through the posts here you’ll find a few where I was trying to de-make Sierra On-line’s King’s Quest game. They’re some of the most visited pages on the site (probably because people are looking for maps of the actual game not my demake…) I was attempting to translate the graphical text adventure game into just a text adventure. I had the game mapped out and had started placing objects into the game when two things happened that killed the project. The first was my limited knowledge of the engine I was using, Inform 7. The second was my computer dying. I thought I had backed up all my files before wiping the old computer but when it came time to copy everything over to the new one… and with that I dropped the project to move on to other things.

I’m ready to try again now! I’ve got some books that should help too. I picked up Aaron Reed’s Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7, a nice thick tome that I’m hoping should help me figure out the intricacies of Inform when I get stuck. And The Official Book of King’s Quest, a guide to the game’s that I’ll be using as a pseudo design document for my KQ1 de-make.

The help
The help

I’m going to take a little more time this go around understanding Inform’s language before I take on the entirety of KQ1. It was easy enough to create a giant map of Daventry in the Inform engine but populating it with objects and people to interact with proved quite a bit more difficult. I’ll easier make some smaller test games first or build up the game in small sections that I can just add to each other in the end…

I guess you can look forward to seeing these and perhaps playing them too?

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  1. I demand to know the second that this is a thing that I can play! I’m also more than happy to help with anything that I can. Beta Testing, assisting with code (Though I’d have to learn how), etc.

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