Let’s Play the Secret of Monkey Island, Part 4

All Pirates Seem to do is TALK, TALK, TALK

After the spooky interlude, we’re back in the SCUMM bar. Guybrush leaves the Important Pirates to their drinking and goes back to the main hall to mingle with his soon to be pirate kin!

Pirates aren’t known for their etiquette and sensitivity…

What’s the Deal with Mêlée Island?

Estevan was the pirate we talked to earlier, the first pirate we talked to! The one with the scar and milky white eye. The guy not talking about LOOM, so we go back to him:

Okay, so now things are starting to make a little sense! LeChuck wants Elaine. Elaine doesn’t want LeChuck. LeChuck takes it out on everybody else! Simple fix, right? Except that whole already being dead part…

Gathering Resources

With the back story explained Guybrush is ready to set out and become a pirate. First step? Exploring and gathering resources! First stop? The rest of the SCUMM Bar:

“But I’m the protagonist in an adventure game! I need to go back there for REASONS!”

Mostly taking everything that is n’t bolted down.

Guybrush decides to stand around and wait for the cook to leave the kitchen, and the screen:

“I would never!”

*waits five seconds*

Okay, okay! What do we got in here? There’s that meat for sure, that pot under the table too, and probably that fish on the back dock!

Guybrish tries to grab the fish but that pesky, disease ridden seagull tries to take his hand off every time… hrmm… What to do? What to do?

Kicking the board once isn’t enough time to get the bird to go, you need to do it three times before the seagull is high enough up that you have time to grab the fish:

If we look over our inventory:

Two of those are pretty big hints as to what they’re for! Anyway, Guybrush is done here so he heads out into the town. He talks to the map seller, but:

Until he has some money he’s not getting ANYTHING from that guy… So he tries the vagrants:

So that’s why it’s called Monkey Island

Okay, some more backstory there… A chimps sailed to the mythical island and sold said ship to a Stan!

The interrogation continues:

Law Enforcement on a Pirate Island? Wha, Why?

With nothing more to say, Guybrush moves on! What about that alley? The one he heard noises in last time?

Yeah! That one!

This is a fantastic idea! What could possibly go wrong?

That alley wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be. But, we did meet the Sheriff! And we learned we should leave. That’s not going to happen though because BEING A PIRATE requires us to stay!

What next? I don’t know. Maybe a three headed monkey? LeChuck? Perhaps some treasure? Or maybe a chicken with a pulley in the middle of it? You never know!

Things to do:

– Get a map
– Explore that alley
– Find a way past those poodles
– find a way past that troll
– Get a helmet
– Find a way to visit Hook Island
– Master the Sword
– Master Thievery
– Master Treasure Huntery
– Explore the town
– Avoid Le Chuck
– Become a Pirate
– Get money
– Get MORE money
– Avoid the Sheriff

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