Let’s Play the Secret of Monkey Island, Part 5

No Three headed monkeys or Le Chuck, Just this prisoner

Guybrush exits the alley and gioes into the next building, but it’s just a church with nothing in it, so he goes over to the next one. The one with all the bars on it:

Okay, add another thing to the list: breath mints. Just one last building on this screen. The building to the right of the alley. Guybrush heads there now.

This looks like some kind of store… No one here though… Guybrush reads the sign:

Guybrush does just that. As soon as he does:

“Good luck with that…”

As soon as the storekeep walks out the door, Guybrush starts poking around.

What a Nice Old Man

First thing he looks at is that sword behind him:

Guybrush waits around for awhile with the sword in his inventory contemplating theft… Wondering how long its going to take for the old man to get back and if it’s safe to use a five finger discount. Eventually his conscious wins out, and boredom, and he rings the bell again

“Oh no! Our funds have been cut in half!”

Guybrush continues to harass the shopkeep:

Guybrush really needs to get his hands on some money… Without any more there’s not much point hanging around in the shop. Also, he’s got breathmints! So back to the jail

This Guy has a LOT to say

Now that Guybrush has given the prisoner some breath mints he can stand holding a conversation with them:

“Chemtrails, Illuminati, Lizard people, Nephilim? Tell me!”

Yack, Yack, Yack

Before we continue, I think it’s important for us to review what Guybrush has taken from this conversation so far. First, there are some flowers in the forest that are illegal for some reason. Second, This guy has a cake he doesn’t want. Third, He likes mystery meat from the SCUMM bar. Got that? Okay, back to Opining Otis

“Jeeessh, this guy again?”

Into the Woods

Well, that’s that. I guess. Otis asks us to leave so as to not aggravate Shinetop further. Looking over the conversation he just had (see the top of last post) Guybrush decides to see if he can find that illegal plant Otis was talking about

Guybrush wandered through the forest without any direction. He, and I, got lost a few times but he eventually stumbled upon the yellow flower Otis mentioned:

On the way back to the town Guybrush runs into another traveller:

“Well, he seemed pleasant.”

Back in town. Guybrush looks over his inventory trying to figure out what he’s supposed to be doing with it. After some ridiculous experimentation:

“Yes, yes that makes sense. I’ll mush this flower all over this hunk of meat! That’s the ticket!”

Good job Guybrush! Now what?

“To the Governor’s Mansion!”

Yup! That is how you get into the Governor’s Mansion. Taking raw meat, dipping it into boiling water, and then smearing it with a yellow flower. I can’t remember if you can eat the yellow flower or not and it will knock Guybrush out. If someone wants to test that and let us know that’d be great! Actually it’s a pretty good hint, as long as you know French. Caniche Endormi, the name of the flower, translates into English as Poodle Asleep. Clever, huh?

So, here we are. In the Governor’s Mansion. What next? Find out next week.

– Get a map
– Explore that alley
– Find a way past those poodles
– find a way past that troll
– Get a helmet
– Find a way to visit Hook Island
– Master the Sword
– Master Thievery
– Master Treasure Huntery
– Explore the town
– Avoid Le Chuck
– Become a Pirate
– Get money
– Get MORE money
– Avoid the Sheriff

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