Let’s Play the Secret of Monkey Island, Part 6

The Governor’s Mansion

Okay, all we have to do is steal the idol of many hands from here and show it to the important pirates and we’ll be a third of our way to Piratedom! Piratedom is a word, right? Who cares! Pirates don’t care about that sort of thing!

What first? Hanging out here in the foyer probably isn’t the best idea… Let’s duck through that door:

That’s not good… We can salvage this though!

What you’re not hearing is a bunch of noises that are going on right now. Not good noises either.

What a Caper!

All of that hard work and we still need a file! Where we going to get one of those? Hrm… While you think about that let’s have Guybrush review his new inventory items:

Is it just me or does nothing in this game seem that useful to an aspiring pirate?

After thinking long and hard about it I figure the only person who might have something useful for breaking into something is someone who would need something to break out… To the prison!

“I hope so!”

About That Idol…

Guybrush takes a closer look at the cake:

“This guy isn’t that bright, is he? But this is just what I need for that lock in the Govenor’s mansion.”

“YESSSSSSSS! oH, uh… uh-oh!”

And that’s what counts Guybrush! Not the thousands of dollars in property damage!

Cheese it Guybrush!

It’s All Just a Big Misunderstanding, I’m Sure!

This should be good…

AWWWWHHHHHHHH burned Fester. She got you!

One Smooth Operator

Here’s your chance Guybrush! Wow her with your cool intellect and strang grasp of the English language!

Yeah, that’ll do it…

Okay! Second chance here Threepwood don’t blow it!

Smooth, real smooth there buddy.

I Wanted the Idol; I Didn’t Want Want the Idol

Give it up Guy she doesn’t speak gibberish.

Chin up big guy, you’ll get there. Guybrush turns and leaves the Mansion; he’s got a idol to hand over!

“Not you again!”

Guybrush gets right to the point, doesn’t he?

“Shinetop, words hurt.”

“It’s Threepwood. Guybrush ThreepwooooooAAHHHHHHHHHH”

Well, alls well that ends well I always so! What? What do you mean Guybrush is tied to a heavy object at the bottom of the bay? I’m sure he’s fine. We’ll check in on him next week! You’ll see!


– Get a map
– find a way past that troll
– Get a helmet
– Find a way to visit Hook Island
– Master the Sword
– Master Thievery I mean he DOES have the idol…
– Master Treasure Huntery
– Explore the town
– Avoid Le Chuck
– Become a Pirate
– Avoid the Sheriff A little late for this I’d say.

Author: falselogic

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