Let’s Play the Secret of Monkey Island, Part 7

Deep Water

We last left our hero, Guybrush Threepwood, at the bottom of the bay tied to a heavy, gold idol. I hope he’s okay. Let’s join him there now

The guy seems to be surrounded by tools that’d make his escape easier; Sadly, all of them seem to be just out of reach:

That’s true for the scissors, the cleaver, the hacksaw, rusty knife, and axe… What else is down here with Guybrush? Just the idol:

Let’s just pick it up? That might work?

Yup, to get out of the water all Guybrush had to do was pick up the idol he was tied to and climb out. And the game gives you a full ten minutes to figure it out. Remember Guybrush mentioning he could hold his breath for 10 minutes earlier? I don’t really recall either but I’m sure he did… Anyway back to the story:

Love blooms on the…dock?

Well, that was anti-climactic… Though I do love the term ‘plunder bunny.’ What? It’s not over? Oh sorry!

That still ended pretty anti-climatically if you ask me… Though it seems Guybrush now has another reason for completing the trials!

Not Quite a Man not yet a Pirate

Finish them quickly even! Guybrush still has the idol. He better go turn it into the Important Pirates at the SCUMM bar, which is conveniently located just down the dock from here!

Okay, with that out of the way Guybrush needs to just Master the Sword and Master Treasure Hunting. That shouldn’t take to long. First we’re going to need some money and the only people we’ve encountered who are offering any are the two brothers at the circus. So back Guybrush goes!

“Hrm which one of these things looks most like a helmet?”

In with a BANG out with a Whimper…

Welp, that went about as well as I expected. Good thing Threepwood was wearing a helmet…

It goes on for that like awhile…

A Sword makes the Man

Guybrush is now 478 pieces of eight richer though! And all it took was a concussion and a few broken ribs. Easy money, right? With the coins burning a hole in his pockets he heads back to town:

Okay, Guybrush has a sword now but as we know from the last time the Sword Master doesn’t want to see us at all. There’s got to be someone on this island who can help Guybrush become a master of the sword…

“Oh yeah, this guy again. What did you want?”

Real clever Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert. Real clever.

Guybrush makes it past the troll to the lights in the cove:

Which turns out to be a used ship lot…

Grog it up!

It’s not a bad thing Stan isn’t here. We don’t have a treasure map or a crew to be going anywhere with right now anyway. A ship is a little ways into Guy’s future I think.

Cherry Grog is my favorite. What’s yours?

Machine must be broken. Guybrush leaves the Used Ship lot and moves further along:

“I want a Big Body!”

I wonder what Guybrush will find in the gym? I wonder what it’ll cost him? We’ll he ever become a pirate? We’ll he ever tastes Governor Marley’s sweet sweet lips? Who knows! Turn in next week to find out!


– Get a map
– find a way past that troll
– Get a helmet
– get a sword
– Find a way to visit Hook Island
– Master the Sword
– Master Treasure Huntery
– Explore the town
– Avoid Le Chuck
– Become a Pirate
– Meet Stan
– Learn how to fight with sword
– get a ship
– get a crew (?)
– Kiss the Governor.

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